This Doll Tutorial was by Mystic on June 3rd, 2001.


Welcome back!~ *smiles*

I say wecome back because in order to do this tutorial you will need to know how to draw a doll. :), please >>>CLICK HERE<<<< to go to my first tutorial if you do not know what I am talking about. out one of your cartoon dollies and let's get started!~

This tutorial has been written in psp7, but we wil be using the paint brush of course, the eraser tool , and the *Free hand* tool , so if you know where they are on your version of PSP, You can do this!! What will be doing? Why...we will learn to dress up these dolls!!!

This tutorial has been written for all DCS members, for my special friends @ the *bench* lol, and for the *FEW* who do not believe I have hand drawn the clothes on my dolls, I will now take the time to show you... since well.... making tutorials is fun, but knowing I annoy some people by sharing what I know is even more fun lol :) and in Luminesque's infamous words.... Mwaaaaahahahahahahahahha~~~

Please do note that doll making can be addicting, yet NOT hazardous to your health..unless you're like some people I know who CANNOT stop making that case... please go no further.... I do not want to have to form a CDA (cartoon dollaholics annonymous) forum..please!

One more word about this tutorial, before we begin, please do not remove, copy, and even think about stealing this tutorial! If you would like to give us a link to let other's know where we are at, please let me know. DO NOT POST THIS TUTORIAL IN ANY GROUP, UNLESS I have given you written permission! I have written this tutorial to post on this DCS site, and PSP WORKBENCH's site if they wish to do so. Anyone else please contact me, I like to know who is taking charge of my blood, sweat and tears here ok?

Alrighty then..., let's begin!~

This is hopefully what your doll will be *dressed* in once we're done.

Let's begin!

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