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About Us!!!!

  • Naeem Ur Rashid ( aka Naeemur)

    As I am the one maintaining this page.. so I will take the liberty of introducing myself first... Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaa

    Well I worked for about 5 years in ECPL before coming to Singapore for my graduate studies. Been here in Singapore since December 1999. I have completed my studies and am working again now....

  • Shahab Mufti (aka Shabby)

    Good 'ol Shabby... Real fun fellow Shabby is... Came to Engro before I did, so was a guide and mentor to me in many ways (which I 'aint disclosing over here :-)). He is now working in Singapore.

    Shabby's wife, Sabena, came to Daharki and won our hearts with her delicious cooking and her knowledge of martial arts... She's a black belt in Tae-Kwon-do you know!!!!!! And now they have a beautiful baby girl Aleena. What a cute thing she is!!

  • M. Naveed Rizvi (aka Munna)

    Naveed and I came together as GTEs (Graduate Trainee Engineers) to Engro. He graduated from the same University as I did, U.E.T, Lahore, and we were in the same session, 89' Mechanical. I didn't know him during my university days, but we became the best of friends during our tenure at Engro and had some real wonderful times together. Naveed is now working at EAPCL in Karachi.

  • Iqleem Zahur

    Iqleem was one of our seniors at U.E.T Lahore and came to Engro before me. Needless to say Iqleem, Naveed and I spent some memorable times together.. especially during the long shutdowns and night shifts.

    Iqleem's wife and our bhabi, Poonam, made life much easier for us by feeding us some delicious home cooked food. They have a cute baby girl, Iman. Iqleem has now left Engro.

  • Asif Janjua (aka Johnny)

    Johnny is a Daharki veteren. Left Engro after I think about 9 years.. Phewww.. that was a long time.. Helped us new trainee engineers a lot through thick and thin and never said no to lending a helping hand. And boy he hit some powerful strokes during the softball matches.. the poor ball landing way way out of the ground.

    Asif's wife Abida deserves special mention. She participated in nearly all the events like sports, decorating the club, organizing party games, and helping club committees. Abida and Asif always loved to entertain friends especially bachelors so that they shouldn't feel homesick, even on Eids...She is currently thinking about taking more cooking classes.

    Abida and Asif are now living in U.A.E and Asif globe trots all around the world from Italy to the U.K.. Lucky fella!!

  • Farooq Nazim Shah (aka Deez)

    Well.. dear ol' boy Shah G. I won't disclose why we all call him Deez.. All his good friends know the reason.. hehehe. Shah G is one of the few fellas who has fallen in love with Daharki and is planning to stay there.. at least for the time being.. He and his wife Erum were very competent hosts in Daharki and never let us feel homesick.. They have two beautiful children, Ijlal and Kiran.

  • Tariq Raza (aka Traza)

    Tariq came to Engro after me. He previously worked at FFC. We became good friends in no time. Tariq is a super fit guy and has a black belt in Ku-Kushun (I hope I spelt it right). He is also an excellent tennis player. His wife Nadia was also among the ladies who kept us bachelors' hungry stomachs full, with her delicious cooking. They have the cutest little kid Danial (Danny) and are now living in U.A.E.

  • Maarif Sohail (aka Agha Sahib)

    Maarif and I were friends (and class fellows) throughout our 5 years in U.E.T. He is the most genuine person you'll ever meet and the best of friends. Trust me on that. He is now in the U.S. completing his graduate studies. He has also won his university's senate elections.. Way to go Maarif!!!

  • Shehzad Nabi (aka Shezzy)

    Shezzy is one of the maintenance gurus at Engro. He is a wonderful athlete and can play almost any sport superbly.. from hockey.. to badminton.. to basketball.. to softball.. the list goes on and on.. A true all rounder in every aspect.

  • Sarmad Siddiqi (aka Saleem)

    Sarmad is also one of the friends from U.E.T days. He's a chemcial engineer and is currently residing in the U.S. alongwith his wife Ayesha. He has recently completed his Master's in petroleum engineering.

  • Omar Hayat (aka Bungish)

    Oooayy..OK.. this guy is a Metallurgical engineer from GIKI... now doing' his Master's in petroleum Engineering from Stanford. What the connection between metallurgy and petroleum is?? Only he knows. Hahahahaa. We were good friends and had good times together

  • Riaz Qureshi (aka Doda Saeen)

    Our good friend, Riaz is currently working in Engro. He has a beautiful daughter Fatima.

  • Abdullah Nadir Hussain (aka Abdullah)

    Nadir left Engro in order to go for higher studies in the U.S. Since then he has completed his education and now works in the U.S. Don't let his quiet demeanor fool you. He's a very witty guy, and a very good friend too.

  • Mustafa Aziz (aka Mua)

    Daharki's very own air warfare expert, ardent scale modeller and a veteren of the Planning section. If you have any questions about fighter jets and stuff... Mustafa's the man to ask for help.

    Mustafa is now working in the U.A.E. He lives there with his wife Shama and their two cute and naughty sons, Zain and Asad.

  • Shahid Maqbool (aka Boola)

    Shahid left a little while after I joined Engro. But it was a real pleasure knowing him during that time. He was one of the mischief-makers in the new BOQ; the rest of the gang consisting of Shabby, Khawaja Sahib, SMD and others. Remember the water fights..anybody??

    Shahid now lives in Qatar with his wife Shazia and their two cute boys, Jabran and the recent arrival Nooran.

  • Saleem Memon (aka Tau)

    Memon Baba, our only true Memon in the Daharki community. After meeting him you'll say...Seen one, seen 'em all!!

    Memon and I became good friends... and it was a fun experience dealing with him on as well as off the job. Saleem now lives in Doha, Qatar with his wife Shaheen, and his two lovely kids, Hifza and Zohair. Hifza is currently in Class 1.

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