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	Born:  March 19, 1835 Rising Sun, Dearborn Co., Indiana
	Married:  March 16, 1859 Washington Twp., Lee Co., Iowa
	Died: January 12, 1895 Cedar Co., Nebraska
	Buried: Oliver Grove Cemetery, south of Hartington, Cedar Co., Nebraska


WIFE:  Katherine URFER
	Born:  October  7, 1841 Thierachern, Berne, Switzerland
	Baptized: October 20, 1841 Thierachern, Bern, Switzerland
	2nd Marriage: Alfred W. ALDRIDGE Sept. 8, 1907 Running Water, Bon Homme Co., S.D.
		Born: November 14, 1850 Wisconsin
		1st Wife died in 1905 Running Water, S.D.
		Died: December 9, 1918 of pneumonia in Springfield, S. D. 
	Died:  Aug. 8, 1931 Springfield, Bon Homme Co., South Dakota
	Buried:  Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, South Dakota

			FATHER:  Christian URFER

1.  Eliza CROSLEY
	Born:  December 1859 Ft. Madison, Lee Co., Iowa
	Married: Nathan SMITH Dec. 12, 1875 Jackson Twp., Clark Co., MO. (home of Katherine Urfer)
	Died:  1879 
	No Children
2.  Anna D. CROSLEY
	Born:  March 28, 1862 Ft Madison, Iowa
	Married:  Franklin DAVIS October 10, 1876 Lewis Co., Missouri
		Born:  1851 Kentucky
		Remarried: lived in Detroit, Michigan
	Died:  September 25, 1880 of brain fever in Crawford Co., Iowa
	Buried:  Dow City Cemetery, Crawford Co., Iowa

	Their Children:

	A.  Anna Grace DAVIS
		Born:  June 20, 1880 (weighing three pounds) Crawford Co., Iowa
		Married: Joseph HODGINS Nov. 18, 1897 Cedar Co., Nebraska
			Born:  April 14, 1864 in Biddulph, Ontario, Canada
			Died:  January 7, 1944 Vancouver Island, Canada
			Buried: St. Andrew’s Churchyard, Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
		Died:  October 10, 1964 Ft. Hospital, Comox, Vancouver Island, Canada
3.  William Ross CROSLEY
	Born:  February 14, 1865 Ft. Madison, Lee Co., Iowa
	Married: Anna Matilda JACOBSON December 20, 1892 Wheeler, Charles Mix Co., S. D.
		Born: May 10, 1875 Vanga, Ostergotland County, Sweden
		Died:  January  24, 1958 Yankton, Yankton Co., South Dakota
	Died:  Dec. 4, 1937 Springfield, Bon Homme Co., South Dakota
	Both Buried:  Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, South Dakota

	Their Children:

	A.  Florence Celia CROSLEY
		Born:  February 5, 1896 Hartington, Cedar Co., Nebraska
		Married: Arnold Otto Karl BREITENBACH Dec. 20, 1917 Santee, Knox Co., Neb.
			Born:  April 23, 1895 Arlington, Columbia Co., Wisconsin
			Died:  December  4, 1957 Yankton, South Dakota
		2nd Marriage: Charles Luther YOUNG Nov. 27, 1958 Springfield. S.D.
			Born:  February 19, 1887  Springfield, S.D.
			Died:  December 30, 1968 Yankton, Yankton Co., S.D.; Resident Springfield, S.D.
		Died:  Sept. 26, 1969 Belle Fourche, Butte Co., S.D.; Resident Springfield, S.D. 
		All Buried:  Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, South Dakota
	B.  Hilda CROSLEY
		Born:  Sept. 13, 1898 Running Water, Bon Homme Co., South Dakota
		Died:  Feb. 16, 1911 St. Joseph’s Hospital, Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa
		Buried:  Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, South Dakota
4.  Franklin Marsh CROSLEY
	Born:  May 8, 1868  Ft. Madison, Lee Co., Iowa
	Married:  Henrietta Faulk EMERY Dec. 9, 1891 Wheeler, Charles Mix Co., S.D.
		Born:  February 12, 1867  Bon Homme Co., S.D.
		2nd Married: Mr. BENNETT
		Died:  February 12, 1952 Junction City, Geary Co., Kansas
	Died:  December 9, 1938 Sturgis, Meade Co., South Dakota 
	Buried:  Bear Butte Cemetery, Sturgis, South Dakota

	Their Children:

	A.  Katherine Elizabeth CROSLEY
		Born:  June 1, 1890 Wheeler, Charles Mix Co., S.D.
		Married:  Henry KING June 18, 1908 Gregory, Gregory County, South Dakota
			Born: May 27, 1886
			Died: October 6, 1927 Avon, Bonn Homme CO., South Dakota
		2nd Married: Harry  B. JONES March 11, 1940 Bethell, Washington
			Born: April 10, 1870 Michigan
			Died: January 18, 1966 Bothel, King Co., Washington
		Died:  January 7, 1967 Bremerton, Kitsop Co., Washington
		Both Buried: Bothell, King Co., Washington
	B.  Susan Elvina CROSLEY
		Born:  April 1, 1892 Yankton, Yankton Co., S.D.
		Married: James Bradley WIAR June 10, 1910 Sturgis, Meade Co., S.D.
			Born: Dec. 5, 1881 Atchison Co., Missouri
			Died: Killed By 1944 Twilight, Butte Co., South Dakota
		Died: November 30, 1967 Jacksonville, Nassau Co., Florida
		Buried: Bosque Bello Cemetery, Fernandino Beach, Nassua Co., Florida
	C.  Francis Edith CROSLEY
		Born:  June 3. 1894 Yankton, S.D.
		Married:  Wallace H. YULE June 28, 1911 Santee, Knox Co., Nebraska
			Born:  March 3, 1891 Bloomington, Cedar Co., Neb.
			Died:  Dec. 12, 1918  Springfield, S.D. of pneumonia following the flu
			Buried: Springfield Cem., Springfield, S.D.
		2nd Marriage:  Roy Elliott OELRICH 
			Born:  July 4, 1894 Springfield, South Dakota
			Died:  Nov. 26, 1960 Springfield, South Dakota
		Died:  June 12, 1948 McMinnville, Yamhill Co., Oregon
	D.  Florence Bell CROSLEY
		Born:  1899 Yankton, S.D.
		Married:  Jesse E. PEITSMEYER July 17, 1919 Springfield, S.D.
			Born: May 2, 1898
			2nd Married: Alice 
				Born: May 23, 1893
				Died: January 1990 Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebraska
			Died: September 1982 Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebraska
		Died: By 1967
	E.  Maude CROSLEY
		Born: July 20, 1903 Yankton, S.D.
		Married:  Brad WEIS
		2nd Married: ______ GERTEN
		Died: September 3, 1963 
		Lived: Fernandina, Fla. 1952
	F.  Stella Lavilla CROSLEY
		Born:  March 27, 1905 Springfield, S.D.
		Married: Adam SCHMIDT
			Born: September 17, 1902
			Died: May 16, 1998 Scotland, Bon Homme Co., South Dakota
		Died: January 31, 1973 Pittsburg, Contra Costa Co., California
	G.  Charles Vernon CROSLEY
		Born:  May 30, 1907 Springfield, S.D.
		Married: Ethel Matilda ALLEN May 3, 1946
			Born: January 17, 1901
			Died: February 1979 Manhattan, Riley Co., Kansas
		Died: September 7, 1978 Manhattan, Riley Co., Kansas
	H.  Lila Ona CROSLEY
		Born: September 19, 1910 Springfield, South Dakota
		Married: Barnard KUEN January 1, 1930 Bon Homme Co., S.D.
			Born: September 25, 1901 Hillsview, South Dakota
			Died: September 7, 1982 Santa Barbara, California
		Died: June 30, 1997 Santa Barbara, California
5.  Martha Ellen CROSLEY
	Born:  Oct. 14, 1870 Ft. Madison, Iowa
	Married:  William Benjamin HOMER Nov. 29, 1886 Thanksgiving Day, Cedar Co., Nebraska
		Born:  April 16, 1863 Shelby Co., Iowa
		Bapt.: 1871 Gallan Grove, Shelby Co., Iowa into Latter-Day Saints Church
		Died:  May 14, 1941 Running Water,  Bon Homme Co., S.D.
	Died:  Oct. 14, 1955 Newell, Butte Co., S.D.
	Both Buried:  Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, S.D.

	Their Children:

	A.  Patience Edna HOMER
		Born: January 15, 1888 Cedar Co., Nebraska
		Married:  Henry Perkins OLIVER 1906 Springfield, South Dakota
			Born: December 6, 1884 Cedar Co., Nebraska
			Died: May 1, 1948 Newell, Butte Co., South Dakota; 
		Died:  Feb. 5, 1946 of cancer in Belle Fourche, Butte Co., S.D.
		Both Buried: Pineslope Cemetery, Belle Fourche, South Dakota
	B.  William Benjamin HOMER Jr.
		Born:  Nov. 18, 1889 near Hartington, Cedar Co., Nebraska
		Married:  Iva L. SELLS September 1, 1913 Olivet, Hutchinson Co., South Dakota
			Born: May 15, 1896 Salina, Kansas
			Died: November 9, 1979 Salem, Marion Co., Oregon 
		Died: December 23, 1957 Newell, Butte Co., South Dakota; accidentally crushed by water tank
		Both Buried: Pineslope Cemetery, Belle Fourche, Butte Co., South Dakota
	C.  Boyd Allen HOMER
		Born:  Feb.27, 1892 Cedar Co.,  Nebraska
		Married:  Ada V. YOUNG June 2, 1920
			Born:  Nov. 4, 1890 St. Paul, Minnesota
			Died: February 12, 1968 Carver Co., Minnesota
		Died: February 1, 1927  Veteran's Hospital, St. Paul Minn.
		Buried: Springfield Cemetery, South Dakota
	D.  Herman Charles HOMER
		Born:  Nov. 11, 1894 Cedar Co., Nebraska
		Married:  Ella Jennie OELRICH March 30, 1930 Springfield, South Dakota
			Born: February 1, 1900 Hartington, Cedar Co., Nebraska
			Died: April 1995 Coos Bay, Coos Co., Oregon
		Died: May 23, 1968 Glenns Ferry, Elmore Co., ID; auto accident; Resident: Belle Fourche, S.D. 
		Buried: Black Hills National Cemetery, Sturgis,  South Dakota
	E.  Franklin HOMER
		Born:  Aug. 24, 1899 Bon Homme Co., S.D.
		Married: Versie MILEY May 24, 1945 Center, Knox Co., Nebraska
		Died:  Dec.  23, 1957 Belle Fourche Co., S.D.; accidentally crushed by water tank
		Buried: Pineslope Cemetery, Belle Fourche, South Dakota
	F.  Otto Christian HOMER
		Born: October 29, 1902  Bon Homme Co., S.D.
		Never Married
		Died: June 20, 1985 Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
	G. John HOMER
		Born: February 3, 1905  Bon Homme Co., S.D.
		Died: August 1987  Sioux City, Woodbury, Co., Iowa
	H.  Ellen Katherine HOMER
		Born:  September 18, 1905  Bon Homme Co., S.D.
		Died:  April 7, 1913 in Bon Homme Co., S.D. of measles
		Buried:  Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, S.D.
	I.  Marion E. HOMER
		Born: June 1908 Bon Homme Co., S.D.
		Died: August 8, 1909 Bon Homme Co., S.D.
		Buried: Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, S.D.
	J.  Royal Merit HOMER
		Born:  April 28, 1912  Bon Homme Co., S.D.
		Died:  April 21, 1913  Bon Homme Co., S.D. of pneumonia
		Buried:  Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, S.D.
	K.  Robert E. HOMER
		Born: 1913 Bonn Homme Co., South Dakota
		Died: 1916 Bonn Homme Co., South Dakota; measles
6.  George Washington CROSLEY
	Born:  March 3, 1872 St. Mary's, Clark Co., Missouri
	Married:  Etta Mae GILPIN Oct. 14, 1897 in Hartington, Cedar Co., Nebraska
		Born:  Oct. 1881 Lincoln Center, Nebraska
		Died:  1914 Cestos, Dewey Co., Oklahoma
	Died:  Jan. 21, 1951 Yankton, S.D.
	Buried:  Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, S.D.

	Their Children:

	A.  ______  CROSLEY
		Born:  Cestos,Dewey Co., Oklahoma
		Died:  in infancy
	B.  Ross Francis CROSLEY
		Born:  Oct. 11, 1903 Cestos, Dewey Co., Oklahoma
		Married:  Julia JURACEK March 2, 1927 Yankton, South Dakota
			Born: November 2, 1911 Niobrara, Knox Co., Nebraska
			2nd Married: Eldon DOTTER September 4, 1984 in Yankton, South Dakota
				Born: Feb. 26, 1907 in Oklahoma
				Died: March 10, 1999 in rest home in Vibory, Turner Co., Soth Dakota
		Died:  March 21, 1980 Lundberg Memorial Hospital, Creighton, Nebraska
		Buried:  L'Eau Qui Court Cemetery, Niabrara, Knox Co., Nebraska
	C.  George William CROSLEY
		Born:  July 3, 1905 Cestos, Dewey Co., Oklahoma
		Married:  Hannah Mae TRUDELL Nov. 27, 1929 Yankton, S.D.
			Born:  October 16, 1911 Santee, Knox Co., Nebraska
			Died: August 17, 1989 Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa
		Died:  Sept. 14, 1988 Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa
7.  Bertha E. CROSLEY
	Born:  May 29, 1875 Iowa
	Died:  Aug. 29, 1880 Pretty Prairie, Crawford Co., Iowa of lung congestion
	Buried:  Dow City Cemetery, Crawford Co., Iowa
8. Christian Otto CROSLEY
	Born:  May 29, 1877 Macedonia,  Iowa
	Married:  Estella MORTEN Nov. 15, 1899 Tyndall, Bon Homme Co., South Dakota
		Born: September 12, 1881 Nebraska
		Died:  Feb. 23, 1963 Tyndall Hospital, Bon Homme Co., S.D.; Resident Springfield, S.D.
	Died:  April 14, 1952 Bon Homme Co., S.D.
	Both Buried: Springfield Cemetery, Bon Homme Co., South Dakota

	Their Children:

	A. Christian Otto CROSLEY Jr.
		Born: November 25, 1907 Cestos, Oklahoma
		Married:  Shirley Alice in 1947 California
		Died:  Dec. 15, 1954 of rheumatic heart disease in Los Angeles, California
		Buried: Angeles Abbey Memorial Park, Compton, Los Angeles Co., California
9.  Nathaniel Edward CROSLEY
	Born:  March 6, 1881 Pretty Prairie, Crawford Co., Iowa
	Married:  May Anna HEINS July 3, 1902 Springfield, South Dakota
		Born:  Sept. 28, 1882  Running Water, S.D.
		Died: Nov. 19, 1961 Springfield, S.D.
	Died:  Jan. 26, 1938  Santee, Knox Co., Nebraska
	Both Buried:  Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, S.D.

	Their Children:

	A.  Hazel M. CROSLEY
		Born:  March 13, 1903 Running Water, S.D.
		Married:  Howard JOHNSON  Sept. 23, 1933
			Born:  July 12, 1900
			Died:  Jan. 15, 1952 Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa
			Buried: Graceland Cem., Sioux City, Iowa
	B.  John Edward CROSLEY
		Born:  June 23, 1904 Running Water, S.D.
		Married:  Florence LaFRANTZ in 1933
			Died: 1934
		2nd Marriage: Alfa HANSEN March 30, 1935
			Born:  Oct. 7, 1907 Verdel, Nebraska
			Died:  Aug. 18, 1983 Center, Nebraska
			Buried:  Greenwood Cemetery, Creighton, Neb.
		Died:  March 28, 1974 Center, Nebraska
		Buried:  Greenwood Cemetery, Creighton, Knox Co., Neb.
	C.  Sarah (Sadie) Ellen CROSLEY
		Born:  June 24, 1906 Running Water, S.D.
		Married:  Owen LOWDEN  (Divorced)
			Born: January 6, 1904
			Died: November 1980 San Dimas, California
		2nd Marriage: Anton KONOPASEK Sept. 23, 1945
			Born:  Oct. 23, 1903  Nebraska
			Died:  March 22, 1986 Norfolk, Madison Co., Nebraska
			Buried:  Hillcrest Cemetery, Norfolk, Neb.
		Died:  Oct. 17, 1990 in Norfolk, Nebraska
		Buried:  Hillcrest Cemetery, Norfolk, Nebraska
	D.  Florence Katherine CROSLEY
		Born:  Feb. 16, 1908 Running Water, S.D.
		Married:  Duncan McCOLLUM Sept. 22, 1928
			Born:  Feb. 13, 1903 Pender, Thurston Co., Nebraska
			Died:  April 3, 1987 Sioux City, Iowa
		Died:  April 30, 1993 in Sioux City, Iowa
		Both Buried:  Bloomfield Cemetery, Bloomfield, Nebraska
	E.  Harry C. CROSLEY
		Born:  1910 Mead Co., South Dakota
		Died:  1921Santee, Nebraska
		Buried:  Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, S.D.; next to parents
	F.  Lesley Earl CROSLEY
		Born:  Aug. 11, 1912 Springfield, South Dakota
		Married:  Rose M. KURKA July 5, 1937 O’Neill, Holt Co., Nebraska
			Born:  May 17, 1915 Verdigre, Nebraska
		Died:  Aug. 2, 1974 Santee, Nebraska
		Buried:  L'Eau Qui Court Cemetery, Niobrara, Nebraska
	G.  William Walter CROSLEY
		Born:  April 23, 1915 Santee, Nebraska  
		Married:  Elizabeth LEIGH April 18, 1946
			Born:  Dec. 28, 1911
			Died:  Jan. 14, 1979 Verdigre, Nebraska
		Died:  Aug. 18, 1962  Center, Nebraska
		Both Buried:  Bloomfield Cemetery,  Bloomfield, Nebraska
	H.  Lawrence Elmer CROSLEY
		Born:  March 11, 1920 Santee, Nebraska
		Married:  Pearl M. KENNITZ  June 7, 1942 Bloomfield, Knox Co., Nebraska
			Born:  Sept. 15, 1915 Verdel, Nebraska
		Died:  July 20, 1971 Center, Knox Co., Neb. 
		Buried:  Verdel Cemetery, Verdel, Neb.
10.  Florence M. CROSLEY
	Born:  March 28, 1884 Iowa
	Married:  Francis Joseph DONNELLY Nov. 6, 1899 Tyndall, Bon Homme Co.,  S.D.
		Born:  Jan. 1, 1879 South Dakota
		Died:  1956 Alberta, Canada
	Died:  March 23, 1967 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

	Their Children:
	A.  Rose Ann DONNELLY
		Born:  June 15, 1900 Running Water, Bon Homme Co.,Running Water, Bon Homme Co., S. D.
		Married:  Jules BURLE April 19, 1920 Alberta, Canada
			Born:  May 12, 1896 Belgium
			Died:  Sept. 21, 1957
		Died:  Sept. 30, 1982 Barrhead, Alberta, Canada
	B.  Florence May DONNELLY
		Born:  March 5, 1902  South Dakota
		Married:  Alfred GRAVEL April 18, 1918
		Died:  1963
	C.  Alice Katherine DONNELLY
		Born:  Dec. 12, 1905 Alberta, Canada
		Married:  Acheil BORLE April 15, 1922
		Died:  1951
	D.  John Alexander DONNELLY
		Born:  Sept. 3, 1907 Alberta, Canada
		Married:  Delores
		Died:  1962
	E.  Francis Thomas DONNELLY
		Born:  Dec. 15, 1909  Alberta, Canada
		Married:  Royce Geraldine DODMAN Oct. 9, 1945
			Born: July 12, 1923
	F.  William Edward DONNELLY
		Born:  Oct. 4, 1911 Alberta, Canada
		Married:  Maude IMESON
	G.  Ruby Ellen DONNELLY
		Born:  Aug. 22, 1915 Alberta, Canada
		Married:  Glen HARRIS
		Lived: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
	H.  Sylvia DONNELLY
		Born:  May 31, 1917 Alberta, Canada
		Married:  Hugh HART
	I.  James Frederick DONNELLY
		Born:  June 5, 1921 Alberta, Canada
		Lived: Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada
	J.  (male) DONNELLY
		Born:  March 28, 1925 Alberta, Canada
		Died:  March 30, 1925

	William Marks Crosley was born March 19, 1835 in Rising Sun, Indiana to Ross Crosley and Eliza Clark.  In 1852, 
he and his family moved to Washington Twp., Lee County, Iowa where he became a farmer.
	Katherine Urfer was born October 7, 1841 in Thierachern, Bern, Switzerland to Christian Urfer and Catherine 
Weissmuller.  The Urfer’s were a rural farming family just outside of Bern and of the Lutheran faith.  In 1846 the family 
came to America by sailing ship.  They lived near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for four years.  In 1846 they traveled by covered 
wagon to Lee Co., Iowa.  
	It was here that William and Katherine met and married March 16, 1859 in Washington Twp., Lee Co., Iowa.  They became 
the parents of ten children.  In the early 1870's they moved across the border into Clark Co., Missouri.  In about 1879 they 
family moved to Crawford Co., Iowa.  
	While living here, William and Katherine lost three of their daughters within one year.  Their oldest child, Eliza, 
married Nathan Smith December 12, 1875 in the home of her Grandma Urfer in Jackson Twp., Clark Co., Missouri.  They had no 
children and in the spring of 1880 Eliza died of unknown causes at age twenty.  
	Anna, the second child of William and Katherine, married Franklin Davis in 1877.  On June 20, 1880, Anna gave birth 
to Anna Grace Davis, weighing three pounds in Crawford Co., Iowa.  Three months later Anna died of “brain fever.”  Because 
Franklin was unable to raise a tiny baby on his own, he gave Grace to William and Katherine to raise.  He moved to Detroit, 
Michigan and later remarried.  Anna Grace Davis married Joseph Hodgins November 17, 1897 in Cedar Co., Nebraska.
	Joe Hodgins was born in 1864 in Biddulph, Ontario, Canada.  As a young man he came to Cedar County, Nebraska where he 
worked planting corn and flax.  He roomed and boarded at the Crosley farm while he built a small home close by.  Grace and Joe 
lived here until the summer of 1899 when the house was struck by lightning. The house, barn, crops and most of the livestock were 
lost.  Grace was home alone, seven months pregnant and was lucky to escape with her life. 
 	Joe worked so hard to rebuild, but the losses were too great. In the spring of 1899, Joe moved his family back to Lucan, 
Ontario, Canada.  In the spring of 1901, Joe and his brother, Tom, moved their families to near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  
	In 1910 the family moved to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  Joe bought one hundred acres of land at Metchosin 
near Victoria where they engaged in farming.  In 1920 Joe bought one-hundred and eighty acres of land near Merville, Vancouver 
Island and moved his family there in the summer of 1921.  The spring of 1922 was very dry and a fire broke out near Merville.  
The family and house survived the fire, but fences, barns and crops had to be replaced.  In 1940 lightning struck the family 
home.  Grace, once again, was home alone.  She was able to grab the cannery in her cage and escape with her life.  The house 
burned to the ground, nothing was saved.  Grace’s only regret was the loss of fifty years worth of pictures which could never 
be replaced.  A new home was built with all the modern conveniences.  Grace had the tenacious spirit of all pioneer women.  
Just a three-pound baby girl, became the mother of eleven sons and two daughters.  
	Bertha, the seventh child of William and Katherine, was born May 29, 1875.  She had been suffering from lung congestion 
for 13 days.  On August 29, 1880, Bertha was feeling tired and laid down on the couch for a nap.  When Katherine went to awaken 
her for supper, she found that Bertha had died in her sleep.  She is buried in Dow City, Iowa.  
	Katherine’s children remember their mother’s reputation for miles around as being a good nurse and midwife.  There were 
no hospitals nearby and few doctors.  She could expect a knock on her door at any hour with someone in need of nursing for a 
sick child or for a woman in labor.  It wasn’t unusual for her to travel great distances by wagon or sleigh in blowing snow to 
nurse a dying child or bring comfort to the bereaved.  Those were years of great trial and endurance, but Katherine never said 
“no” to someone in need.  
	In spite of Katherine’s gentility and kindliness, there was a core of steel determination in her disposition.  It has 
been said on more than one occasion, she stood up to and defied some mean and infuriated frontiersman with such unbending will 
power, that he turned away and retreated. 
	Katherine’s children also remember relatives of Katherine visiting.  They would speak in their native German tongue.  
The children stood around listening to this strange language of which they had no understanding.  They ended up in a corner of 
the room mimicking the sounds, pretending to speak German to each other, until a good box of the ears reminded them of their 
	William was said to be a very stout man, temperamental, quick tempered and headstrong, but Katherine’s patience and 
gentleness coupled with an air of great serenity, had great power over William in his difficult moments.  William became 
ailing of heart disease and the dropsy in the early 1890's.  As William became progressively worse, Katherine stayed by his 
side day and night.  He became so swollen from his sickness that when he died January 12, 1895, a special extra large coffin 
had to be made to accommodate his body.  He is buried in Oliver Grove Cemetery, south of Hartington, Nebraska.  The stone has 
been destroyed by farmers who used them for weights on their plows.  By 1970 all the stones, but two, had been destroyed.  To 
reach the cemetery go west out of Hartington on Hwy 84 to Hwy 81.  Go south on Hwy 81 six miles near radio tower, turn east 
and go 1\2 mile.  Cemetery is on the north side of road.
	Eugene Oliver visited the cemetery the summer of 1971.  His grandfather William Oliver, son of Clarence Oliver (son of 
Joshua and Sarh Oliver), and Eugene found the cemetery through the story his grandfather remembered.  In the late 1880's Joshua 
Oliver and his wife, Sarah, took a timber claim somewhere near Hartington, Nebraska.  Their first home at the claim was a 
dugout in the side of a hill until they could build better quarters.  As part of the deal to prove up the timber claim, they 
had to plant a certain amount of trees, thus, Oliver’s Grove.  In June 1892, Sarah died.  Grandfather said two tiny trees 
were planted at each corner of the grave which was surrounded by a rought iron fence.  Joshua donated some of the land to the 
church in Sarah’s memory.  This land later provided the place for Oliver’s Grove Youth Church Camps.  When they reached the 
cemetery, it was disappointing to find it in disrepair.  Only a few headstones.  A farmer approached and explained that during 
the dry years of the 1920's and 30's, farmers had used the headstones to weight down their plows to break the hard soil.  He 
said they threw the head stones in a pile in the corner of the cemetery when they were done with them.  They found Sarah’s 
stone in the pile.  They took the stone back to Burke, South Dakota where it remains with the family.  William’s stone was 
never found.	
	In 1884 their son, Ross, and William (Will) Homer, went to Cedar County, Nebraska in search of good farm land.  They 
broke several acres of prairie. The following year, William and Katherine moved with their family near Hartington, Cedar Co., 
Nebraska.  Will Homer lived and worked as a hand on the Crosley farm in Crawford County.  Martha Ellen, daughter of William 
and Katherine, fell in love with Will.  She would bring him water in the fields where he worked, but she was too shy to let 
him know her feelings. Fortunately William fell in love with Ellen and they were married Nov. 29, 1886 in Cedar Co., Nebraska.  
Their oldest daughter, Edna, married Henry P, Oliver, youngest son of Joshua and  Sarah Oliver.
	The entire family was very fond of Will.  Will was baptized into the Latter-Day Saints Church in Gallan Grove, Shelby 
Co., Iowa and it is believed that this is why  Katherine later converted to the Mormon faith.  Ross and his wife also converted 
to the Mormon faith.  Will was quite an ingenious man.  He invented an automatic opening and closing gate.  Because he never put 
in for a patent, he never received the credit.  Will and Ellen lost two of their nine children within one month of each other.  
Ellen Katherine died April 7, 1913 of measles when she was seven years old.  Royal Merit died April 21, 1913 of pneumonia at 
twelve months.  They also lost Marion E. who died in 1909 at age one year.  These three children are all buried along side 
each other in Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, S.D. 
	There used to be a church next to the cemetery, but it no longer exists.  The Church was called Mt. Hope Methodist 
Church and cemetery.  Church records show William and Catherine Crosley joined the church in 1892 as charter members under 
Rev. Carter.  A bit later in 1892, Will R.  and Annie Crosley became members under Rev. Butler.  Records show William Crosley 
died January 12, 1895.  His wife, Catherine, transferred her membership to Running Water, South Dakota.
	In 1898 Katherine moved with her sons, Ross, Frank, George, Otto and Edward, and her daughter, Ellen, and her husband, 
William Homer, to Running Water, South Dakota.  The town no longer exists because the Missouri River was dammed at Yankton, 
South Dakota and flooded the town in the 1950's.  Katherine met and married Alfred W. Aldridge in Running Water on September 
8, 1907.  He was said to be a widower of some wealth, born in 1843.  A few years later, they moved to Springfield, South Dakota.  
Mr. Aldrigde died in December of 1918.  The Spanish flu was on a rampage at that time, so it is likely that he died of the flu.  
After his death, Katherine made her home with her son, Ross.  She kept a small garden.  
	Otto and George, Katherine’s sons, moved to Dewey Co., Oklahoma in the early 1900's.  They engaged in black smithing.  
When they returned to Springfield in about 1910, they opened a blacksmith shop with their brother, Frank.  Because of the 
popularity of the automobile, the black smithing business suffered, so in about 1919, they returned to farming.
	Katherine’s sons, George, Otto and Frank, took a trip to Vancouver, Canada in 1930 to visit their niece, Anna Grace 
Davis Hodgins.  Their transportation was an old truck that they rebuilt into mobile living quarters.  Frank explained going 
through the Rockies as, “We chugged along those roads on top of those heights, teetering on the edge of the canyons and stared 
down for hundreds of feet right beside us.  I was so scared that my hair stood up and kept pushing my hat off.  I had to tie 
it down with a string.”  When they arrived in Vancouver, they found her son who invited them to his home.  Otto spied a violin 
on the piano and had it bin his hands in a moment, tuning it up and shoved his cousin toward the piano to accompany him.  Otto 
raced through hoe-downs and square dances with all the sparkle and youthfulness of a child.  Otto was left-handed and well 
known for his mastering of the violin.  He also belonged to an orchestra.  When they realized they would have to cross the 
water in a boat to Vancouver Island to get to Anna Grace, they were reluctant.  Then they received word by letter that their 
mother was dying and returned home without seeing Anna Grace.  It was an emotional parting. In just a few hours they had 
become as close as brothers.  
	William and Katherine’s youngest daughter, Florence, married Franklin Donnelly Nov. 6, 1899.  In 1903, when Florence 
was just eighteen, the entire Donnelly family, with Florence’s two babies, moved by covered wagon to Alberta, Canada. The 
two covered wagons, with a team of four horses each, were driven by Franklin and Florence.  Franklin’s father, John, 

homesteaded property on the north bank of the Pembina River near Edmonton.  Franklin was deeded a piece of the property 
and this is where Franklin and Florence built their home.  Florence  was a very good violin player and spent many a night 
playing at barn dances and community gatherings.  She had an ear for music and one only needed hum a new tone and Florence 
could play it like a professional.
	Katherine died August 8, 1931.  At the time of her death, she left more than one hundred descendants.  She is 
buried in the Springfield Cemetery.  

Lee County, Iowa	Microfilm SL # 959 168	Page 416
Wednesday, March 16, 1859
	In Washington Township
Wm. Crosley
        to	       Marriage License
Catherine Urfer	                        Witness: Wm.  Marsh



Crossley, William M., farmer, Jeffersonville, rr. pp. Jeffersonville
Crossley, George, farmer, Jeffersonville, pp. Jeffersonville           
Crossley, Ross Sr., farmer, Jeffersonville, rr. pp. Jeffersonville     


Volume 1    1914	Lee County, Iowa Lee 	Page 159

	On January 27, 1870, William Crosley filed in the county recorder’s office the plat of town called Jeffersonville, 
which had been laid out for him by William H. Morrison, deputy surveyor, in June, 1867.  The plat showed sixteen lots 
in the northwest quarter of section 16, near the junction of the Burlington & St. Louis and Burlington & Carrollton 
divisions of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railway System.  Subsequently, the plat of Viele, just north of the junction, 
was surveyed and Jeffersonville passed into history.



William Crosley				White Male Farmer
					Born in Indiana; Age 24
					Value of Personal Property $300

Catherine Crosley			White Female
					Born in Switzerland; Age 18

Eliza Crosley				White Female
					Born in Iowa; Age Six months

Susan Wiedel				White Female
					Born in Switzerland; Age 10

Ft. Madison
Crossley, William M.; farmer, Jefferson, re pp Jeffersonville (son of Ross Crosley Sr.)
Crossley, George; farmer, Jefferson, pp Jeffersonville (son of Ross Crosley Sr.)
Crossley, Ross Sr.; farmer, Jefferson, re pp Jeffersonville

Darby, William; farmer, West Point, pp Jeffersonville [son of Sarah Crosley (sister of  Ross), & Levi Darby]
Davis, Benjamin; farmer, West Point, re pp West Point (husband of Sarah Crosley Darby)

Urfer, Christian; farmer, West Point, re pp West Point (father-in-law of Wm. M. Crosley)
Urfer, Christian Jr.; farmer, West Point, pp West Point (son of Christian Urfer)

William Crosley			White Male Laborer, Born in Ohio; Age 35

Eliza Crosley			White Female Keeping House, Born in Iowa; Age 25

Anna Crosley			White Female Attends School, Born in Iowa; Age 10

Eliza Crosley			White Female Attends School, Born in Iowa; Age 8

Rofs Crosley			White Male Attends School, Born in Iowa; Age 6

Frank Crosley			White Male, Born in Iowa; Age 3


William Crosley			White Male Farmer, Born in Indiana; Age 45; Married
				Mother & Father’s Birthplace: Indiana

Catherine Crosley		Wife White Female Housekeeper, Born in Switzerland; Age 39; Married
				Mother & Father’s Birthplace: Switzerland

William Ross Crosley		Son White Male, Born in Iowa; age 15

Franklin M. Crosley		Son White Male; Attends School, Born in Iowa; Age 12

Martha E. Crosley		Daughter White Female; Attends School, Born in Iowa; Age 9

George W. Crosley		Son White Male; Attends School, Born in Iowa; Age 7

Bertha E. Crosley			Daughter White Female; Attends School, Born in Iowa; Age 5

Otto C. Crosley			Son White Male, Born in Iowa; Age

Franklin Davis			Son-in-law White Male Farmer, Born in Kentucky; Age 29, Married
				Mother & Father Born in Kentucky

Annie Davis			Wife White Female, Born in Iowa; Age 18; Married

PRECINCT   # 9			June 14, 1885				E. D.   123
Wm. M. Crosley			White Male Farmer, Born in Indiana; Age 49; Married
				Father Born in Ohio; Mother Born in Indiana

Catherine Crosley		Wife White Female Housekeeper, Born in Switzerland; Age 43; Married
				Mother & Father Born in Switzerland

William R. Crosley		Son White Male Laborer, Born in Iowa; Age 20; Single

Franklin Crosley		Son White Male Laborer, Born in Iowa; Age 17; Single

Martha Ellen Crosley		Daughter White Female At Home, Born in Iowa; Age 14; Single

George Crosley			Son White Male Attending School, Born in Iowa; Age 12; Single

Otto Crosley			Son White Male Attending School, Born in Iowa; Age 7; Single

Florence Crosley		Daughter White Female At Home, Born in Iowa; Age 2; Single
Edward Crosley			Son White Male At Home, Born in Iowa; Age 4; Single

Grace Davis			Granddaughter White Female Attending School, Born in Iowa; Age 5; Single
				Father Born in Kentucky, Mother Born in Iowa

Wm. Homer			Boarder White Male Farmer, Born in Iowa; Age 23; Single
				Father Born in Indiana, Mother Born in Maryland


STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA							VOLUME  1     E.D.    21
BON HOMME COUNTY							SHEET   9     LINE      27
TOWNSHIP 92   RANGE 60			June 12, 1900

William R. Crosley			Head of House White Male, Born February 1865 in Iowa, Farm Laborer
					Age 35, Married 7 years, Can Read, Write and Speak English
					Father Born Indiana; Mother Born in Switzerland
					Rents a Farm    Schedule 29

Anna Crosley				Wife White Female, Born May 1875 in Sweden, Age 25, Married 7 years
					Father Born in Sweden; Mother Born in Sweden
					Mother of 2 Children; Both Living, Can Read, Write And Speak English

Florence Crosley			Daughter White Female, Born February 1896 in Nebraska; Age 4

Hilda Crosley				Daughter White Female, Born September 1898 in South Dakota; Age 1

Catherine Crosley			Mother White Female, Born October 1840 in Switzerland, Age 59 	
					Widowed; Mother of 2 children; 2 living
					Parents Born in Switzerland

Edward Crosley				Brother White Male, Born March 1880 in Iowa; Age 19, Single


STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA								E. D.     25
BON HOMME COUNTY			May 2, 1910				SHEET 6 A

A. W. Aldridge			Head of House White Male Laborer of Odd Jobs; Owns House
				Born in Missouri; Age 67; Married (second) 2 years 
				Father & Mother Born in England, Can Read, Write and Speak English

Catherine Aldridge		Wife White Female Wash Woman at Home
				Born in Berne, Switzerland; Age 69; Married (Second) 2 years
				Father & Mother Born in Switzerland; Came to America in 1847
				Mother of 10 Children; 7 Living, Can Read, Write and Speak English

Maud Crosley			Granddaughter White Female, Born in South Dakota; Age 7; Single
				Father Born in Iowa; Mother’s Birthplace Unknown



BON HOMME COUNTY						SHEET   1       LINE   8
					January 5 & 6, 1920

R. William Crossley		Head of House White Male Farmer; Working On Own Accord
				Born in Iowa; Age 54; MarriedFather Born in Indiana 
				Mother Born in Switzerland
				Owns Home Free of Mortgage, Can Read, Write and Speak English
M. Anna Crossley		Wife White Female, Born in Sweden; Age 44; Married
				Parents Born in Sweden ; Mother Tongue Swedish
				Came to America in 1879; Naturalized Citizen
				Can Read, Write and Speak English

Catherine Alderidge		Mother White Female, Born in Switzerland; Age 79, Widowed
				Came to America in 1841; Naturalized Citizen
				Can Read, Write and Speak English


Department of Commerce; Bureau of Census; Registration Number 2335

Full Name: Catherine Aldridge; Date of Death: August 8, 1931
Sex: Female; Color or Race: White; Age: 90 Years, 10 Months, 1 Day
Date of Birth: October 7, 1840; Birthplace: Berne, Switzerland

Name of Father: Urfer; Father’s Birthplace: Berne, Switzerland
Name of Mother: Wiesmiller; Mother’s Birthplace: Berne, Switzerland

Occupation: Retired Housewife; Name of Employer: Lived With Son, Ross Crosley
Widowed: Husband: Alfred Aldridge

Place of Death: Springfield, Bon Homme County, South Dakota
Residence: Springfield, South Dakota; Length of Residency: 33 Years.
Number of Years in the United States, if of Foreign Birth: 84 Years
Cause of Death: Intestinal Influenza for 10 days; Secondary Cause: Senility for Several Years
Physician: C. M. Keeling; Address: Springfield, South Dakota
Place of Burial: Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, S.D.
Date of Burial: August 11, 1931; Undertaker: P. G. Monfore,  Address: Springfield, S.D.

Informant: Mrs. Anna Crosley; Address: Springfield, South Dakota

Filed: August 10, 1831

	After an illness of only a little more than a week, Grandma Aldridge died at the home of her son, Ross, in 
Springfield last Saturday afternoon.  At the time of her death, she was the oldest woman in this section of the county, 
lacking but two months of being ninety-one years of age.
	The funeral services were held in the Congregational church Tuesday afternoon being conducted by the Rev. A. C. 
Warner.  The burial was in the Springfield Cemetery.
	Mrs. Aldridge’s maiden name was Catherine Urfer.  She was a German-Swiss by ancestry and birth, having been 
born at Berne, Switzerland, October 7, 1840.  Her parents migrated to America when she was a little child of six, the 
ocean voyage requiring three months.  For a short time they lived in Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, then they came to 
Lee county, Iowa, and settled upon a farm near Ft. Madison.  This was then the far western frontier, and here the little 
girl grew to womanhood in all the surroundings and experiences of frontier life in the forties and fifties.  In 1859 she 
was united in marriage to William Crosley.  The first years of their married life were spent in Lee county, and in the 
adjoining county of Clark, in Missouri.  In 1872 they moved to southwestern Iowa and five years later came to Cedar county, 
Nebraska, which was their home for thirteen years.  Here Mr. Crosley died in 1895, and three years later the mother came 
with her sons to Bon Homme county, where they lived at first upon the bottom land near Running Water.
	In 1908 she married Mr. Aldridge of Running Water, and a few years after the couple moved into Springfield, where 
Mr. Aldridge died in December, 1918.  Since that time, Mrs. Aldridge has made her home with one of her sons.
	Mrs. Aldridge was the mother of ten children.  Three are deceased, namely; Eliza, (Mrs. Nathan Smith); Ann, (Mrs. 
Frank Davis); and Bertha, who died at the age of five years.  Their deaths came as a heavier sorrow in the fact that all 
three died within one year.  Mrs. Davis left a little child of three, whom the grandmother took and reared as her own child.  
The seven living children are: Ross, of Springfield; Frank, of Sturgis; Ella, (Mrs. Wm. Homer) of Running Water; George, of 
Santee; Otto, of Springfield; Ed, of Santee; and Florence, (Mrs. Frank Donelly) of Alberta, Canada.  In addition to these 
seven children, Mrs. Aldridge is survived by 31 grandchildren, 57 great-grandchildren, and five great-great-grandchildren, 
a total of 100 living descendants.
	Mrs. Aldridge grew up in the nurture of the German Lutheran church, in which she was confirmed as a girl.  After 
coming to Running Water, she was baptized into the Latter Day Saints.
	A simple hearted woman with heart full of sympathy, for many a year before the feebleness of advanced age came 
upon her, she was a grandma not only to her own children’s children’s, but to a whole neighborhood, who found her always 
entering with kindly service, homes where there were little children to be tended, sick to be cared for or sorrowing to 
be comforted.  A beautiful spirit of gentleness and serenity.  She has lived in this region for the past thirty-three years, 
and has left to her children and to all who knew her, tender memories of a fruitful and fragrant life.

Obtained From Rose Crosley’s Scrapbook in 1993
Edward Crosley

	Niobrara, Neb. Feb. 5, 1938-Special to The News: Nathaniel Edward Crosley was born at Dallas City, Ia., March 6, 
1881, the son of William and Catherine Crosley, and died at his home at Santee last week, having almost attained the age 
of 57 years.
	When he was 4 years of age, the family moved to Cedar county, Nebraska, where he spent his early youth.  Following 
the death of his father, he and his mother and a younger sister went to Running Water, S. D., in 1898, and they lived there 
for a time on a small farm.  He then bought a piece of land nearer to Running Water, which he later sold.
	In 1908, he homesteaded in Mead County, South Dakota, returning to Running Water in 1911.  The following year, he 
moved across the river to the vicinity of Santee, where he had since lived.  For the past twenty years he had lived on the 
same farm.
	Mr. Crosley was married July 23, 1902 to Miss May Heines.  They were the parents of eight sons and daughters, seven 
of whom survive.  They are Mrs. Howard Johnston, Sioux City; John, Mrs. Owen Lowden, Earl and Elmer of Center; Mrs. D. 
McCollum, Sioux City and Walter at home.  Harry died at the age 10 years.
	He is also survived by three grandchildren; two sisters and three brothers: Frank of Sturgis, S.D.; Mrs. Will Homer, 
Running Water, S.D.; George of Santee; Otto of Springfield, S.D.; and Mrs. Francis Donnelly of Canada.  A brother, Ran (Ross), 
died the fore part of December.
	Funeral services were conducted Jan. 28 at the home at Santee by the Rev. Reed of Santee and at the Congregational 
church at Springfield, S.D. with the Rev. Mr. Warner, pastor in charge.  Interment was in the Springfield Cemetery.

Edward Crosley Rites Held Friday at Springfield
(Died January 26, 1938)

	Funeral services for Edward Crosley of Santee were held Friday afternoon at Springfield, S.D.  Burial took place there.  
Mr. Crosley was 57 years of age.  He suffered a heart attack at his home and was taken to Niobrara for treatment where he 
passed away Wednesday last week.
	Surviving are his wife, three daughters and four sons.  He was the father-in-law of Mrs. Earl Crosley, a former 
Verdigre girl.
	Those from Vertigre who attended the funeral rites were, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kurka and Mr. and Mrs. Wenzel Kurka 
and daughter Ardith.


     			         Springfield Times, Thursday, February 10, 1927

	Boyd Allen Homer was born February 27, 1892 on a farm near Hartington, Nebraska.  He was the son of William and 
Ella (Crosley) Homer.  His parents moved to Springfield when Boyd was five years old and his entire life has been lived in 
this vicinity until his taken up vocational training after the war.  He entered the war in 1917 and was enrolled as a 
member of Company C, 124th Machine Gun Battalion, being trained in camps in California and Virginia.  It was while in camp 
in California that with many others of his company, he was a victim of ptomaine poisoning and this was beginning of the 
trouble that finally culminated in his death while he was still lacked 26 days of being 35 years of age.  When the armistice 
came, his battalion was waiting orders for the transfer to France and shortly afterwards, he was mustered out in Virginia.
	On the 2nd day of June, 1920, he was united in marriage to Ada V. Young.  He took a vocational course offered by the 
government to the service men and then went to one of the projects for disabled veterans at Mound, Minnesota where he has been 
the past three years.  At Christmas he came to Springfield and purchased the property of E.  A.  Halverson and an adjoining 20 
acres and was expecting to come here this month to establish himself in the poultry raising industry, but upon his return to 
Minnesota, he was obliged to re-enter the hospital where death came to him.
	He is survived by his wife, his mother and father and one sister and four brothers.  To all of these and his other 
relatives, the sympathy of the entire community goes.  Cut down in his prime, another sacrifice of the great war.  Boyd Homer 
leaves behind him a worthy record of industry and fidelity and the brave endurance of suffering.  His grave will be another 
shrine of national remembrance.
	Boyd Homer died in the government hospital in St. Paul on Tuesday morning, February 1st.  His death followed two 
operations that had been resorted to for ulcers of the stomach.  The body arrived in Springfield Thursday afternoon accompanied 
by his widow and by his mother, father and brother, who had been at his bedside in the last days of his life.

May 22, 1941; Page 4

				Funeral for W.  B.  Homer Held Last Saturday
	Funeral services for the late W. B. Homer, whose death was announced in the last week’s Times, were held in the 
Congregational Church Saturday afternoon being conducted by the Rev. A.  C.  Warner.  The burial was in the Springfield Cemetery.
	William Benjamin Homer was born at Gallan’s Grove, Shelby Co., Iowa, April 16, 1863.  His death occurred at his farm at 
Running Water, May 14,1941, where he had reached the age of 78 years, one month.  He was the fifth of eight children born to Mr. 
and Mrs.  Benjamin Homer Sr. and was the last of the family to be summoned by death.
	In 1884 he made a short trip to Cedar Co., Nebraska to look at the new country and the following spring he came back 
accompanied by his nephew, Ross Crosley, and the two men engaged in breaking prairie for the settlers who were coming in and 
soon Mr. Homer purchased a thrashing machine which the two men operated.
	On the 29th of November 1886, he was united in marriage to Miss Ellen Crosley and the following spring, the couple moved 
to Bonn Homme County and through all of 54 years since their home has been in the neighborhood of Running Water except for a 
short time they lived in Springfield.
	Mr. and Mrs.  Homer were the parents of 10 children.  Two died in infancy, two died of a epidemic of measles and whooping 
cough in the spring of 1913.  Boyd died in the Veteran’s Hospital in Minneapolis in 1927, a victim of a gassing in the war.  
The five children living are, Edna (Mrs.  Henry  Oliver) of Newell, Ben of Springfield, Charles of Vale, and Frank and Otto 
living on the home farm.  Mrs.  Oliver had been back very recently to see her mother and father and did not return for the 
funeral.  There are eleven grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
	Mr. Homer was baptized into the Latter Day Saints as a lad of eight in Iowa, and all through these years, he had lived a 
simple, loyal faith of industry and rectitude.  A man of honorable dealing and warm Kindness.  He has been a citizen whose half 
century of life in the community makes his passing a genuine sorrow.  His widow and children have the sympathy of all their 


Thursday, February 1, 1951

George W. Crosley, Sr.

	George Washington Crosley, Sr. was born at St. Mary’s, Missouri on March 4, 1872 to William and Catherine (Urfur) 
Crosley.  The family soon moved to Dallas City, Iowa and in 1885 moved to Cedar County near Hartington, Nebraska. There George 
Crosley grew to manhood and in 1897, on October 14th, was married to Ettie Mae Gilpin.  Mr. and Mrs. Crosley, with their family, 
migrated by covered wagon to Cestos, Oklahoma where they made their home.  Here he took out a homestead and freighted and later 
operated a blacksmith shop until 1911.  Three children were born here, the first dying in infancy, and Ross and George Jr.  In 
1911 George Crosley and his two boys left Oklahoma by covered wagon for his mother’s home at Running Water, South Dakota.  His 
wife staying in Oklahoma because of poor health and later passing away in 1914.  He traveled back and forth to Oklahoma with 
the boys for a few years finally settling in Springfield, South Dakota.  He and his two brothers, Frank and Otto, opened a 
blacksmith shop here which they operated until 1919 when George moved to a farm southwest of Springfield.  Here his mother 
came to live with him again until 1929.  He had a sale and traveled for sometime through the Black Hills, west coast and Canada 
and again resuming farming in the Santee community until 1935 when he retired.  Since then he has lived near his boys in Santee.  
He failed in health this fall and on January 2nd, 1951 was taken to the Sacred Heart Hospital at Yankton where he passed away 
January 21, 1951.  He leaves to mourn two sons, Ross and George Jr., of Santee, 12 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild, 1 
brother, Otto of Springfield and two sisters, Mrs. Ella Homer of Newell, South Dakota and Mrs. Florence Donnelly of Lac La Nonne, 
Canada and many nieces and nephews.
	Funeral services for G. W. Crosley, Senior were conducted from the Congregational Church at Springfield, South Dakota, 
Rev. B. Trickey in charge.  Arthur Tschetter sang two solos, “Old Rugged Cross” and “ There is No Night There,” with Delbert 
Fitzler at the piano.  Burial was made at the Springfield Cemetery.  His two sons and all his grandchildren were present except 
one grandson, Ross E. Crosley, who is in Korea serving with the armed forces.
	A large attendance of relatives and friends attended from the Center, Niobrara and Santee, Nebraska and Springfield, 
South Dakota communities.  Those from a distance attending were Mr. and Mrs. Tony Konapasek of Norfolk, Nebr.; Mrs. Ella Homer 
of Newell, South Dakota; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Homer and son of Newell, So. Dak.; Mrs. Chas. Homer of Bell Fouche, S. Dak.; Otto 
Juracek of Yankton, So. Dak.; and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Trudel and daughter of Sioux City, Iowa.
	Pallbearers were Wilfred and Walter Hill, Fred Dawes, Charles Morton, Ike Yule and Roy Oelrich.
	A lunch was served after the funeral at the Otto Crosley home for all the relatives and friends.

Taken Rose Crosley’s Scrapbook 1993
(Springfield, S.D. Times, December 1954)

	Otto Crosley, Jr. , 47, a former resident of Springfield, passed away on December 15, 1954 in Los Angeles, Calif.  
Funeral rites were conducted on Dec. 18, and interment was in Los Angeles.
	Otto was born in Oklahoma in 1907, the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Crosley, Sr.  When he was two years old, his 
parents moved back to Springfield where he grew up.  He attended the public school and also the Southern college and played 
in the Springfield band for many years.
	In 1937 he moved to California where he obtained employment.  Ten years later, in 1947, he married a California girl.  
He has suffered for many years with a rheumatic condition of the heart.
	Left to mourn his loss are the wife, and his mother, Mrs. Stella Crosley.  His father preceded him in death.



	Niobrara - Services for Ross F. Crosley, 76, a retired Niobrara farmer, will be held at 2 p.m. Monday at the Evangelical 
Lutheran Church.  The Rev. Lloyd Anderson will officiate with burial in the L’Eau Qui Court Cemetery.
	The body will lie in state 2-9 p.m. Sunday at the Scott Funeral Home in Bloomfield and at 10 a.m. until service time 
Monday at the church.
	The son of George W. And Ettie Mae Mathews Crosley, he was born Oct. 11, 1903 at Cestos, Oklahoma, and died Friday 
at the Lundberg Memorial Hospital in Creighton.
	Survivors include his wife, the former Julia Juracek; two sons, Ross E. of Parkston. S.D., and Ronald L. of Tucson, 
Ariz.; two daughters, Mrs. Glen (Hazella) May of Niobrara and Mrs. Robert (Janice) Wilson of Bloomfield; 11 grandchildren 
and one brother, George of Niobrara.


Thursday, December 26, 1957, Bell Fourche, South Dakota
Two Newell Men Die in Freak Accident

	Two Newell men died instantly Monday afternoon when a water tank toppled on them from the bed of a truck.  Dead are Wm.  
(Ben) Homer, about 66, father of seven children, most of them grown, and William’s brother, Frank, about 55.  This mishap 
occurred about 3:30 P.M. Monday, seven miles south of Newell on Hwy 79.  The brothers were hauling water in a big tank when 
mechanical trouble caused them to pull off the side of the road.
	Sheriff George Haffner, who was with Coroner Elmer Conner investigation, said a brother-in-law, Robert Burns 
(actually son-in-law of William), Newell, who was with the brothers, described the incident. 
	Burns said the men had jacked up the truck and removed a wheel to repair a worn out bearing, when the truck slipped 
off the jack.  All three men were under the vehicle.  Burns remained under the truck, but the two brothers slipper out to the 
side where a pick up was parked.  As the truck lurched to the ground, it dislodged the big water tank on the truck bed and the 
tank rolled off the truck, striking the two brothers.  The pick up parked along side the truck prevented the tank from rolling 
out of the way. 

Statesman Journal, Salem, Oregon, Sunday, November 11, 1979
	Iva L. Homer, 83, 1990 Claxter Road N.E., died Friday in a local hospital. She was born in Salinas, Kansas.  She moved 
to Salem from South Dakota in 1958.
	Survivors include a daughter, Darlene Dell, Salem; Maxine Burns, Coleman, Alberta; Vivian Vandarwarka, Lansing, Michigan; 
sons, Bill and Donald, Salem, Oregon; Wayne, Newell, South Dakota; brothers, Bill Sell, Parkston, South Dakota; Ben Sell, Albany; 
sisters, Violet Gilbert, Salem; Ruth Stewart, Stanford; Julie Peterson, St. Paul; Anna Frank, Independence, MO.  Burial in Pine 
Slope Cemetery, Belle Fourche, South Dakota.


The Idaho Daily Statesman, Boise, Idaho, Friday, May 24, 1968
One Car Head On Crash Kill Two Men Thursday at Glenns Ferry
	Chalis - Accidents near Glenns Ferry & Chalis raises Idaho’s highway death toll by two Thursday.  A belle Fourche, S.D. 
man, Harmon C. Homer, 73, was killed in a two car crash at Glenns Ferry exit on Highway 30.  Lee E. Lagerquist, 79, Hope, Idaho, 
was dead on arrival at Steele Memorial Hospital in Salmon following a one car accident on Hightway 93, five miles north of Chalis.
	Homer was killed when his car and one driven by Archie A. Kennedy, 68, Blackfoot, collided on the southwest exit from Hwy 
30 to Glenn’s Ferry, Elmore County Sheriff’s Deputies reported Mrs. Ella Homer, 68, was examined at Elmore Memorial Hospital and 

Glenns Ferry Gazette, Glenns Ferry, Idaho, Thursday, May 30, 1968
Man Dies in Crash
	Harmon C. Homer, 73, of Belle Fourche, S.D., was killed in a two car crash at Intersection & Highway 30 and west approach 
to the city of Glenns Ferry Thursday.  Archie Kennedy, 68, Blackfoot, Idaho, was hospitalized with a  fractured leg as a result 
of the crash.  Witnesses to the crash said that an automobile traveling east started to turn off into Glenns Ferry and Kennedy 
who was also traveling east, pulled out to go around the car, taking the turn and when he did, his auto struck the left rear 
fender of the Homer vehicle causing both vehicles to spin completely around in the highway.  The Homer car ended up on the 
north side of the road, headed east and Homer was thrown the vehicle and apparently his head hit something in the crash.  His 
wife, who was also in the car, was not seriously injured.  The Kennedy car stopped in the west bound lane of traffic headed west 
and held up traffic in that lane for almost an hour brfore wreckage was cleared from the highway.  The accident took place about 
3 p.m.	


Santa Barbara News-Press, Santa Barbara, California, September 9, 1971
	Bernard Kuen Jr., 81, (husband of Lila Ona Crosley) died at his home, 707 Colina Lane, after an illness of three months.  
In accordance with his wishes, there will be no services.  Mr. Kuen who died Tuesday, was born in Hillsview, South Dakota.  
He came to Santa Barbara from Portland, Oregon in 1971 after retiring. He is survived by his wife, Lila Kuen of Santa Barbara.


Junction City Union, Junction City, Kansas, Thursday, February 21, 1952
Death of Mrs. Henrietta F. Bennett (wife of Franklin Crosley)
	Mrs. Henreitta F. Bennett, 84, died Tuesday afternoon at 126 East Tenth Street.  She had been an invalid three years 
and had made her home with her son, Sgt. Charles R. V. Crosley, of Route 1, Manhattan, until November of 1951, when she came 
to Junction City.
	She was born February 12, 1868 in Yankton County, S.D. and lived most of her life in that state until coming to 
Manhattan in 1948.  Mrs. Bennett was a member of the Presbyterian Church.  Surviving is the son; five daughters, Mrs. Susan 
Wiar, of Junction City; Mrs. Katherine Jones, of Bothell Wash.; Mrs. Madaline Gerten, of Fernandina, Fla.; Mrs. Lavilla Schimdt, 
of Babbitt, Neb.; and Mrs. Lyle Kuen, of Portland, Ore.; 24 grandchildren, 48 great-grandchildren and six great-great-grandchildren; 
one sister, Mrs. Alice Hare, of Sturgis, S.D.

The Bremerton Sun, Bremerton, Washington, Monday, January 9, 1967
Katherine Jones
	Mrs. Katherine E. Jones, 76, died Saturday morning in Harrison Memorial Hospital.  She had been residing with her son, 
Ray, at Port Orchard, Rte. 1, Box 453, for the past four months.  Before living in Port Orchard, she had been in the Y-Not 
Nursing Home at Long Lake for about two years.  From 1939 to 1965, she resided in Bothell.  Mrs. Jones moved to Bothell from 
her birthplace, Fairfax, S.D., where she was born Katherine E. Crosley on June 1, 1890.
	She married Henry King in Gregory, S.D., in 1907.  He died around 1925 in South Dakota. In Bothell she married Harry 
Jones, March 11, 1940.  He died about a year ago.
	Mrs. Jones is survived by three sons, Ray King of Port Orchard and Long Lake; Cecil King of Fresno, Calif.; and Henry 
King of Coos Bay, Ore.; a daughter, Zita Diede, in South Dakota; two step-sons, Harvey Jones in New Mexico and Ted Jones in 
California and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
	Services will be Thursday at 1 p.m. in Clark Funeral Home in Bothell with burial in that city.

The Bremerton Sun, Bremerton, Washington, Friday, January 21, 1966
Harry B. Jones
	Services for Harry B. Jones, 95, Bothell builder and contractor, will be Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Clark Bothell, 
with burial in the Bothell Cemetery.  Mr. Jones died Tuesday at Y-Not Nurding Home where he had been residing for the past year.  
His, wife, Katherine, whom he married March 11, 1940, survives at the Y-Not Nursing Home, where she will continue residing.
	Mr. Jones was born April 10, 1870 in Michigan.  Other survivors include a son, Harvey Jones in New Mexico, Ted Jones 
in California a step-son, one granddaughter and two grandsons.

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