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I endorse wholesome family activities.

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winter scene
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~Welcome to my Garden~

My favorite things about gardening

great therapy
gets you out in the fresh air and sunshine
fragrant bouquets all summer long
brings out a person's creativity
increases the beauty of nature
it's fun to dig in sweet, fresh ,rich soil
pretty flowers in a row

I enjoy the garden.

pretty pink flowers


Butterflies, toads, the hum of tiny wings..
Bumblebees, turtles, a mockingbird that sings.
Welcome to my garden...
It's a beautiful sight.
Sit and rest a spell...
The world will be alright.
Copyright 2000 Francina
All Rights Reserved

yellow bird amid flowers another yellow bird and flowers

Flowers in MY Garden


rose of sharon, daffodils, crocus, cactus, old fashioned roses, zinnias, hostas, daylilies, hollyhocks, marigolds, dahlias, ornamental grass, red hot pokers, sedums, irises, peonies, bee balm, glads, winter coleus, lacy-edged bishop's weed, ajuga, cat&kittens, mums, lavender, peppermint, lamb's ear, resurrection lilies, daisies, ....

From a book called I've Got to Talk to Somebody, God by Marjorie Holmes

This is my garden, God, this is my garden, my

own small precious portion of the earth that
you have made.

I will dig and hoe and tend it, I will grub

in the soil that is cool and moist and
scented with spring.

I will find you in that soil as I crumble its

clods or press these small seeds deep into
its dark flesh.

What a joyful thing, the feel of your silent

soil. It clings to my fingers, it is hard and
certain beneath my knees.

It receives my little offerings - these tiny

plants, these slips and cuttings, these
infinitesimal seedlings, with a kind of
blind, uncommenting magnificence. I am a
trifle awed before it, I am filled with an
amused humility.

How insignificant I am that I should be

entrusted with this miracle to come. No, no,
the earth will surely reject my anxious
efforts, my foolish hopes. Yet I know a happy
patience too. Wait - only wait upon the Lord
as the bible says.
And sure enough. The silent, teeming forces
of creation set to work, and soon the miracle
has come! Onions and lettuce for the table.
Shrubs to be trimmed. The incredible colors
and fragrances of the flowers.

I think of that first garden where life began.

I think of that final garden where Christ

prayed. ("In my father's house are many
mansions," he said. I feel sure that among
those mansions there are many gardens too.)

How marvelous that man's existence - and

woman's - began in a garden. Perhaps that's
why we feel so wonderfully alive in a garden.
And so close to you.

Thank you for visiting my garden.
blackeyed susanspretty flowers

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