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I do not believe that religion may have started because of personal gain; I believe that it was begun for good, but went horribly wrong when humans used it as a vehicle to justify their wrong doings. Religion has caused so much conflict in the past, and caused so much suffering that you would believe that nobody would follow it any more, that was stopped by religions putting fear into you to keep you to it. They say that if you do not follow Catholicism or Islam you will burn in eternal hellfire, but if you believe that evil exists you are fuelling its power. If we believed that only good existed, would there be evil? The answer is no, and that is the truth. I personally believe in what I like to call “IT”, because it is everything and everyone, it lives in us, in a chair and in the rocks, it is infinity. And we are it, so, let us use our part of it for good and not for bad, in fact, let us try to erase the image of bad, just wrong.