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The Philosophy

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The philosophy of commonality is that everyone is equal, but not the same. We are not disguised Communists because we have very different beliefs. Communism revolves around common ownership, hence itís name, we, on the other hand revolve around Commonality of all human beings, which is exactly that. We are humans. We do not see each other as Christians, Jews, Blacks, and Whites. We see each other as human beings only. Of course we have different beliefs and points of view, and they need to be respected, but instead of going to war about it I believe that we should instead talk about them and join together. I believe it is extremely unnatural for human beings to kill each other, it is genocide. We believe in the demilitarisation of the world and the destruction of religion, seeing as that is one of the most exploitative and conflict creating institutions in the world. We hate violence and will never resort to it to achieve our goals. We also believe, like Communists that the Capitalist ideals and way of government are unjust and corrupt. This is not a perfect system; itís a system open to improvement. We, in one sentence, fight for the good of the world.