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Our Aims

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We have very high goals; because that is what you need in order to truly achieve something. We believe that we will demilitarise the world and will bring an end to prejudice and violence, as well as corruption. We believe that we need a singular pay system in the world to destroy the barrier between rich and poor. We believe that humans are compassionate and kind of nature and should behave as such towards each other. We believe that there is no need for a commercial economical system because what it causes is the widening of the gap between rich and poor. We believe that every government should provide basic needs for itís people, and these are: food and water, shelter, housing, schooling and sanitation and health services. Everyone should have a plate of food on the table at night; they should not be deprived of it just because they do not have a job, and no child should have any school to go to, or good facilities which it can attend. These are our aims, as long as they may take. We believe that we can do it, and that is why we will succeed.