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The Happy Little World of Chip

Cambridge, UK

Hellooooooooooooooooooooo there!

Obviously, you've come to the right place. As seasoned visitors, you would notice a few changes to the page. If you weren't paying attention, or are new here, welcome to the happy little world of Chip.

The evolution of my nickname: I got the name whilst on a field course in the Republic of Ireland. There was a bunch of us sitting around the kitchen table after a pubcrawl in the very happening town of Dingle, when someone decided my real name was too long to say. So they wrote out all the letters of my name on a piece of paper, scrambling them, and what they came up with was Chipfat.
The name stuck, because I'm not fat, and it had a certain zing to it.
When we returned to the University of East Anglia , in Norwich, Great Britain, someone found out about the name, and shortened it to Chip. So no one knew my real name for quite a while. I thought it was kind of neat, but I told people what my real name is, if they asked.
It's Cynthia.

I am a native of New Haven, Connecticut . New Haven is about 75 miles to the northeast of New York City, and is home to many, including Yale University, the frisbee, the hamburger, and Pepe's Pizza.
The frisbee story is kind of a neat one, as is the hamburger story.
I was born and raised there. A lot of people seem to have a negative impression of the place, but I think half of them visited twenty years ago and haven't been back since.
If you've heard rumors that I've moved, they're true (unlike some rumors I've heard about myself). I moved up to Boston, Massachusetts for a change of scenery.

I like to travel. I've seen most of New England, and bits of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and that's about all of the States. Pathetic, I think, since I've visited much of Western Europe and large bits of Asia. I haven't got a favourite place- the memories are all too different to be catalogued into the same field.

I graduated from Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania a little while ago. Carlisle had its moments, but I liked living in a place were people say "saldy" when they taste something with a lot of salt in it. I miss being a student, but the time will come, soon- I'm sure, when I will log in more school time.
For now, I'm happy with work. I get paid to go on vacation- that never happened when I was in school!

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Party on,


last updated: 28.MAY.2001