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The Frisbee Story

Here's my version of the story:
There once was a woman called Mrs. Frisbee. She was married to one of the deans or someone like that at Yale. She baked pies, and every so often, one of her pie plates would go missing, by the hands of Yale students who would fling them across the commons. Thus, the game of frisbee was invented at Yale University.

Here's the official-ish version
It is legend that Yale students
invented the game of Frisbee
when they discovered the empty
pie plates from Mrs. Frisbie's pies
could be used to scale across the
New Haven Green. With the cry
"Frisbie" the plates were hurled
aloft and a national pastime was
(taken from the City of New Haven site.)

Since I'm here, I may as well tell you the hamburger story.
Louis's Luncheonette on Crown Street is a small brick cabin-looking place in a huge parking lot in New Haven. They invented the hamburger in the 1800's, when Louis decided to package the hamburger in a different way than previously, to keep the burger-juices from leaking out. He wrapped it in bread and packaged it this way. If you're ever there, DON'T ASK FOR CATSUP!!!

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