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~*Ayashi no Ceres*~


"In your future, you will be ruled by the star of darkness."
"I see blood, anger, devastation and sorrow... the destruction of all balance in the world."
"On the day when the 16th star and moon align, your destiny will overtake you."
"Whether light or darkness triumphs is up to the great power of life you have within you."

This story is revolved around a girl named Aya Mikage who lives with her twin brother Aki and her family until the day she turns 16. On the day before their birthday, she gets into trouble by trying to do a good deed, but fortunately, a handsome stranger rescued her in time to be squashed . Ok, here's the catch: Aya is a descendent of Ceres, the celestial maiden who came down from the heavens as told in many legends. Ceres and the fisherman started the Mikage family [since she had married him and had children together] and over time the family grew very wealthy and powerful by taking advantage of their celestial heritage and eventually forming the Mikage Financial Group and you might guess that Ceres is mad that she was lied to, well she is. As a matter of a fact, she's pissed. She is so mad that she doesn't stay "dead". She is reborn in the egos of her female descendants in order to take over the girl so she can take her revenge on the Mikage family when the girl turns sixteen.


The Mikage family knows this, and in order to keep that from happening, they perform a little "ceremony" on the girl to see if Ceres is within her and if she is, then the girl killed. [I wouldn't want to be part of that family!] This same test is done on Aya and it comes out positive, then comes the part where they try to kill her but she manages to escape. She is sensed to be in trouble by Suzumi Aogiri, who also has tennyo blood and sends her younger brother-in-law Yuhi to go and save Aya. Aya ends up living with the Aogiris and becomes close buddies with Yuhi. So close that he falls in love with her, but she loves Toya, the mysterious guy who saved her. To complicate things a bit further, Aki has Shiso, the man who stole Ceres' hagoromo in his subconcious and has taken control over Aki's body in order to get Ceres back (that's a bit sick when you give it some deep thought). And then there's Aya and Aki's cousin, Kagami who seems to be obssessed with Ceres for scientific and personal reasons (Is'nt this just very interesting!).


Aside from this, there are many other characters who lighten the story up a bit (good thing too!) I know that maybe some of you don't know the story so I won't reveal more. Then again I have revealed a ton of stuff already^_^! Trust me though, there are still some stuff left for you to find out. Whooee! I was surprised by what developed later ! Anyway, when you get your own copy of A.N.C, sit down, relax, get some junk food and enter the realm of Ceres! Enjoy!!^_^




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