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Name: Aya Mikage
Birthday: September 24th
Sign: Libra
Age: 16
Blood type: O
Height: 5'5" (166cm)
Measurements:B. 33" W. 22 1/2" H. 34"
Hobbies: karaoke,
gabbing on the phone, collecting cool jewelry
Special talent:bouncing back, mimicking pop stars


Aya is a normal high school girl, well at least until her birthday. An ancient and powerful tennyo has been reborn within her, and she soon finds herself being hunted down by her family. She unwillingly transforms into Ceres, the tennyo resting in her subconscious, who is determined to destroy the Mikage family and get her hagoromo back. Aya goes through many obstacles in order to obtain happiness with the man she loves, Tooya.






Birthday: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Blood type: O ?
Height: 166 cm

Ceres is the tennyo reborn in the body of Aya. She seeks revenge against the man who stole her hagoromo. She wants to destroy the Mikage family, especially Aki, for the man who stole her hagoromo has been reborn into him.





Name: Tooya
Sign: unknown
Age:about 20-24 years old
Blood Type: AB
Height: 184cm
Hobbies: unknown
Specialty: both mentally and physically stronger than others


Tooya is the man hired to watch over Aya; and who falls in love with her in the process. He has an aura of mystery around him for he appears to have lost his memory, which is why he joins Kagami because he believes that the Mikages can help restore his memory. He seems to have a cold exterior which only Aya can get through and is very weak in expressing his feelings toward her.







Name: Aki Mikage
Birthday: September 24th
Sign: Libra
Age: 16
Blood type: O
Height: 177 cm
Hobbies:Collecting western CDs, dreaming for a computer
Specialty: knows how to speak English


Aki is Aya's older twin brother; who unknowingly possesses the ego of the man who stole Ceres' hagoromo. He is a very caring brother, but when the man's ego starts to surface,he turns into a jealous, violent man who will do anything to get Ceres (Aya) back.






Birthday: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Blood type: O ?
Height: 177 cm?

Shiso is the man who stole the hagoromo from Ceres. He is inside of Aki's ego. Mad with rage, Shiso wants Ceres (his wife)back, and is willing to stop at nothing to achieve this.






Name: Yuhi Aogiri
Birthday: August 8th
Sign: Leo
Age: 16
Blood type: B
Height: 178 cm
Specialty: Martial arts, jumping to conclusions, using chopsticks

Yuhi lives with his older sister-in-law Suzumi and is in charge of protecting Aya and in the process ends up falling in love with her. Yuhi is a master chef and uses chopsticks when he fights and tends to jump to conclusions.





Name:Suzumi Aogiri
September 5th
Age: 25
Sign: Virgo
Bloodtype: O
Height: 162cm
Measurements: 86-60-87
Hobbies:Shopping, swimming
Specialty:Japanese dancing


Suzumi also has tennyo blood, which helped her sense Aya in danger. She rescued Aya and took her into the Aogiri home after Ceres emerged and Aya has stayed with her and Yuhi since.




Name:Kagami Mikage
October 8th
Age: 30
Sign: Libra
Blood type: AB
Height: 183cm
Hobbies: Listening to classical music
Specialty: Fluent in twelve languages.


Kagami is Aya and Aki's cousin and director of the C-Project conducted by Mikage International who wants to capture aya for study and because he has special feelings toward Ceres.





Name:Shuro Tsukasa
July 25th
Age: 18
Sign: Leo
Blood type: AB
Height: 183cm

Shuro is one of the singers from a band called GeSANG who is actually a girl but looks like a guy and also has tennyo blood flowing in her body.




Name:Chidori Kuruma
March 2nd
Age: 16
Sign: Pisces
Blood type: AB
Height: 183cm

Chidori looks like she is in grade school, and acts like it as well, but she's actually the same age as Aya, Aki, and Yuuhi. She has Tennyo blood in her too . She's also rather fond of Yuhi and is very mischievous. (She's so kawaii!!)




Mrs Q.

Name:Kyuu Oda (aka Oba Q)
February 14th
Age: 20 (wow!)
Sign: Aquarius
Bloodtype: O?
Height: 150cm
Measurements: 100-100-100
Hobbies:collecting lots of lovely little things
Specialty:chasing after idols (hee hee), driving like mad

She is the Aogiri's servant but it very close to them. She is the total comedic relief which explains unique looks. She's a maniac when it comes to driving, almost killing Yuhi a couple of times. She has pretty much a one-track mind and has a crush on Toya!




Name:Alexander O. Howell
December 24th ( mine's the 25th! Presents are welcome ^_~!)
Age: 20
Sign: Capricorn
Blood type: AB
Height: 183cm
Hobbies: playing video games, loves anime (like us!)
Specialty:intelligence (his IQ is 260!)

Originally from Scotland, Alec studied in the USA (he arrived when he was 10 years old and went to M.I.T) and came to work for Mikage International because of his interest in the tennyo legends and his skill with genetic engineering. He speaks Japanese with a thick accent, is a technical genius , and is such a nice guy, who really doesn't belong there because Kagami and the others appear to be very cold. (He's a cutie too!)





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