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The Barkleys Buy a VCR
By Ees
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Disclaimer: The characters and situations of the TV program "Big Valley" are the creations of Four Star/Republic Pictures and have been used without permission. No copyright infringement is intended. No infringement is intended in any part by the author, however, the ideas expressed within this story are copyrighted to the author.

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Life in the 90's
The Barkleys have decided to buy a VCR. After spending much of the morning pouring over the sales ads that came in the Sunday paper, it was decided that Wal-Mart had the best prices(sorry Patricia). Victoria was tired of missing her Quilting show and QVC when she was out visiting neighbors.. Several models were chosen in case the their first choice was out of stock and also because Nick volunteered to go get it. Nobody wanted the Surburban incident repeated.

After several hours, Nick came home with the VCR. "What took you so long?" asked Jarrod.

"I couldn't find a parking spot."

"And I'm sure you stopped at McDonalds to have a Big Mac too." teased Audra.

"Well that is why they put them in the store," Nick said defensively.

"Never mind that. Let's get this thing out of the box," said Victoria exciteldy. She was shocked at her excitement over a VCR.

The three followed Nick into the billards room. Heath was out checking the fences.........again. With in a few minutes, Nick had it out of the box and connected to the big screen television. However, an hour later, everyone was still waiting to use the VCR.

"Nick can't you stop this thing from blinking?" Victoria's excitement had now become a mild upset.

"I'm trying. I'm trying. These instructions don't make any sense," he said as he tossed the instruction booklet to the floor.

Jarrod picked it up and started to read. "I'm a lawyer. I don't have......"

"You can't figure it out either can you?" snapped Nick.

"I'm not the one that said I could am I?" Jarrod snapped back.

"Boys! That's enough. Just stop the blinking."

"Now I will never miss Bailey again." sighed Audra.

"Bailey?!" Nick and Jarrod said in unison.

"Yes, Bailey on Party of Five. I missed it last week because I was at the Emergency Bible Class Meeting. Now I will never miss it again." she cooed.

"You're not taping that stuff with this thing," said Nick loudly as he was trying to remember what time Baywatch was on.


Victoria could no longer stand the blinking. Just when she about the shake her head and scream out "NO NO NO!" Heath walked in. "Heath please stop the blinking."

"Sure Mother," he said with a grin.

Heath picked up the remote and pushed a few buttons. The blinking had stopped. Now the clock read the correct day and time. Jarrod, Nick and Audra stopped arguing and stared at Heath in disbelief.

"How did you do that?" asked Nick with a growl.

Heath put down the remote and walked away from the rest of the family towards the Scotch decanter. He poured himself a glass and drained it as quickly as it was filled. Heath looked up solemly, "After I left Strawberry, I needed I got a job at .......Circuit City."

"Figures," said Nick dryly.

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