Because Santa Says So Barb   1/15/2000
      The Barkleys meet some old friends and make new ones in this continuation of the story:
      "End of the World."
The Best Day Phoenix 10/26/1999

Heath Barkley takes a day off!
The Best Man Dale 7/15/2001

Audra's wedding-planning difficulties
The Betrayal Linda 10/11/1999

A big brother's account of an Audra adventure
Between one Heartbeat and Another, Part 1 Maria 1/2/1999

Gentle Reader: A word and a warning. We live in politically correct times. This wasn’t so even

twenty years ago, let along 50 years ago. And it was non-existent 120 years ago.  People were

not bad because of what they didn’t know. And this is a story about knowing.
Between one Heartbeat and Another, Part 2
A Big Valley Poem Barb 3/21/1999
The Big Valley Zoo Aussie 7/2/2002

A furry escapee leads the Barkley boys on a merry chase.
Bitter Winds of Vengeance Deirdre 8/19/1999

Nick's ex commanding officer is seeking revenge.
Bonds of Steel Kenda 4/21/1999

Missing Scene From The Aired Episode: The Iron Box
The Bookworm, Part 1 Janet H 7/22/2001

The Story of Jarrod Barkley’s First Seventeen Years
The Bookworm, Part 2
Boundaries of Love, Part 1 HS English 7/5/1999

Another look at Heath's early days as a Barkley.
Boundaries of Love, Part 2
Boundaries of Love, Part 3
The Bounty Hunter Page 7/2/2002

The year is 1877, and Jarrod’s client, who is out on bail, runs away before his trial begins.

Roland Hollis, the rancher whose wife was allegedly murdered by Wendell Bergen, the client,

hires a bounty hunter to track down and kill Bergen.
A Brother in Need Katy

I've always thought that the episode "Court Martial" was ended too easily. I thought that

it might raise issues for Nick that wouldn't be answered as simply as the five minutes

that they had time to give it. So, this is a different take on the ending of that episode.
Brothers in Arms, Part 1 Deirdre 4/1/2001

A story that trascends time and a bloody war. How the Barkley family is formed and

bound by blood, honor and courage.
Brothers in Arms, Part 2
Brothers in Arms, Part 3
Brothers in Arms, Part 4
Brothers in Arms, Part 5
Brothers in Arms, Part 6
Brothers in Arms, Part 7
Brothers in Arms, Part 8
The Bull and the Half Brother Barb 9/21/1999

Another variation on Heath's arrival, as told by one of the family members.
Burden of Proof, Part 1 Dale 7/21/2001

After his mother's death, Heath must decide whether to contact his father's family
Burden of Proof, Part 2
Burden of Proof, Part 3
By Any Other Name, My Brother, Part 1 Deirdre and Star 5/7/2000

Another look at Heath's early days with the Barkleys
By Any Other Name, My Brother, Part 2
By Any Other Name, My Brother, Part 3
By Any Other Name, My Brother, Part 4
By Dawn's Early Light, Part 1 Deirdre 9/21/1999

The road to a family celebration takes a terrifying turn
By Dawn's Early Light, Part 2
By Fires Unseen Star 5/10/1999

A continuation of the episode

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