Two Misunderstandings, One Past, One Future Linda 10/11/1999

Tom Barkley and his 15-year-old son, Nick.
The Unicorn and the Lady Kenda 5/12/1999

This is a missing scene from the aired episode "Plunder!"
Unraveled, Part 1 Paula 6/18/1999

Something mysterious and terrible has unraveled Jarrod!
Unraveled, Part 2
Unraveled, Part 3
Vain Regrets Muddle 12/29/1999

"When vain desire at last, and vain regret go hand in hand to death, and all is vain.

What shall assuage the unforgotten pain and teach the unforgetful to forget?"  Rossetti
The Valley Revisited Barb 3/21/1999

Thirty years later, the Barkleys gather to mourn a loss.
The Vengeful Man Janet H 7/2/2002

Sequel to Without A Trace. Dace Jones comes back to exact his revenge on Tom and
Victoria's Revenge HS English 10/26/1999

Victoria has a "down" day.
Victory in Defeat Keesha 8/1/1998

Heath and Nick vie for a stallion.
Vignette Dale 7/15/2001

Nick and Heath on a rainy day.
The Visitor Kenda 5/10/1999

This story was inspired by a challenge, issued by fellow Big Valley writer Leanne, to write a

story that didn't involved Heath getting shot, beat up, sick, or emotionally traumatized.
The Visitor
Taylor 5/30/1999

A response to a challenge to write a story incorporating characters, either factual or fictional,

with the Barkleys.
The Welcome Lynn 7/5/1999

Victoria has a new man in her life
The Welcoming Party Barb 4/4/1999

The completion of a 100 word story; conflict between Heath and the Barkleys during the

his first weeks at the ranch.
What Did He Say? 8/27/1999

A tongue-tied Heath.
What Goes Around, Comes Around Keesha 11/24/1998

Nick has a mysterious admirer.
Where Now and Then Meet Barb 3/31/1999

On a flight, a woman talks to a fellow passenger who looks awfully familiar.
Wild Flower Mars/Renee 10/26/1999

Heath and Victoria share a private moment.
Winter Trip 5/7/2000

Audra's adventures out East.
Without a Trace Janet H 3/24/2002

What did Tom Barkley know, really?
The Witness Star 10/28/1999

Jarrod defends a young immigrant accused of murder.
You Must Learn to Trust Nancy 4/1/2001

Recounting the incidents which occur to Heath immediately before the episode, "Palms of Glory".


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