A Guide for Writing
Big Valley Fan Fiction
Supervising Editor: Beth

Contributors: Barb, Beth, Conner and Kim,
Jana, Leanne, Mars, Muddle, Valerie
Consultants:  The Virtual Valley Community
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Editors Note: I have had a lot of fun putting this together! Thank you to everyone for all your input and assistance. This guide can be updated. If you have any suggestions, web sites, changes, comments, etc...please feel free to email me from the link below.
Big Valley Forever,

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Character Profiles
Historical Dates
Interesting Facts and Tidbits
The Mini Equine Encyclopedia - Conner and Kim
Divorce in the American West - Leanne
Northern California Harvest Schedule -  Jana

Getting Started:

How to Start Your First Story - Barb
Golden Rules - Getting the Punctuation Right - Valerie
How to Submit Your Story -  Valerie

Internet Links


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Beth-New Topics

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