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founded june.12.2001
updated october.05.2001

now that the new school year has started, the backstreet style will not be updated as often as i would like, but i'm working on new graphics as we speak. if you have a picture (or two, or three) that you think would make an awesome button, skin, border, etc., please send it to me! (don't forget your name and site and/or e-mail address so i can credit you!)

first off (to get it out of the way), here's the boring disclaimer stuff that no one likes but has to be said: the graphics on this site were created by me, uploaded by me, and put on the web by me. therefore, if you use any of my graphics on your site, please credit me with a link back here: these graphics are free for you to use on your sites, but i do ask that you don't use these graphics on a 'graphics site' (like this one). graphics are supposed to be original and creative, so what's the fun of putting your name on a graphic someone else made? but i know there should be no problem since backstreet fans have a history of being friendly, honest, and respectful of others. so let's keep up the reputation, shall we? with that little speech over, on with the show!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

these are made to use as desktop wallpaper, but you could use them as web page backgrounds. just fade or brighten them to make the writing stand out more. updated september 22

border backgrounds
jazz up your site with borders of all kinds! (all the ones in this section are left-side borders) updated september 22

navagation buttons
no more boring arrows! live it up with fun and flashy buttons to keep your visitors entertained.

inspired by, the backstreet style now has original skins for your browser toolbar. check this link out for the answer to 'what IS a skin?' and instructions on getting them on your toolbar. updated october 5

the random box
pretty self-explanitory. this includes everything not already categorized! updated october 5

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