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Some Useful Links

Autism related Sites

Autism Research Institute, San Diego, USA
Autism Research Unit, Sunderland University, UK
Secrenase-Secretin in a nasal spray
Auditory Training Site
Autism Behavioural Intervention Association
Australian Vaccination Network
A great place to buy T shirts to raise autism awareness
Citizens for healthcare freedom home page
Autism related Resources
Numbudripads Allergy Elimination Technique
A Great Bookshop for Autism Recources
Australian Online Bookshop
Kirkman Laborotories for DMG and Super Nu Thera
Freedom Foods GF/CF/GM Free
Soy Products Home Page

Autism T Shirts
Autism pendants in dichroic glass

Why This Book
Book Contents
Toddler Galen
A Lost Boy
The Long Climb Back
Secretin Therapy
Galen in 2004
Galen in 2007
How to Order
Some Useful Links