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This Booklet is presented in pdf format
and can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

As there are increasing numbers of children on
the Autism spectrum attending mainstream schools,
we hope this book will help students and teachers to
gain more understanding of the special needs children
in their class.

Teachers are encouraged to use this booklet in their lessons.
Permission is granted to copy, distribute or use as a colour-in page.
The important thing is the dissemination of the ideas contained.

Printing and Compiling Instructions

Firstly go into page "set up" and set it to landscape.
It is laid out so that the first half of the book can
be printed onto 4 sheets of A4 paper,
then these are fed back through the printer
and the other 4 pages are printed on the back
of the first 4.  If all goes well, the pages are
then folded in half, stapled through the middle
and the booklet is complete.

To view the E-book click this link