But where does she go? And who really knows the girl deep inside, the one she always tries to hide? - Merril Bainbridge, "Julie," The Garden


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So I gave up on this one. I have yet another attempt at a webpage at [ b l a h n e s s ]. I'm just leaving it up so that you can stil look at prom pictures if you want. :) Okay! Check out my new webpage though!!! I actually update that one!


Absolutely amazing. I have not touched this webpage in ages. Anyway, about all I have time to do right now is update the quote page, and tell you guys (the very very few who might actually look at my webpage, that I have updated it. Anyway, enjoy! I miss everyone and hope you guys are having fun wherever you are! Well, ttyl!
Mira :)


Yeap. June 17th was the last time I worked on this page. Surprised? Probably not. I'm notorious for starting webpages and never finishing them. BUT, this time I will be successful!!! I PROMISE! Anyway, it wasn't completely my fault for having to stop. My dumb scanner broke for a while and I couldn't scan in pictures for a while. But then it magically started working again 2 weeks later. Go figure. Well, I'm adding a few more sections. After all this page isn't just for prom pictures. I mean, hello??? Prom was 5 years ago! Okay, not that long ago. Dude, scary. Prom and high school are all over with. Anyway, back to what I was saying... This page isn't only for prom pictures; it's about ME (and me looking beautiful of course. hahaha j/k j/k!). Anyway, this page will be going through continual updates so stay tuned!

the ever-so-bubbly,
me!, Mira :)

P.S. Ugh, html-ing is so much thinking. Sometimes I just wanna give up and go the easy way out: FRONTPAGE EXPRESS. Hahaha, oh well. Okay, I can do this... :)


Absolutely amazing, huh? I'm actually working on my website again. Well, obviously as always, this is still in progress... But just keep coming back. I promise this time I'll actually get somewhere with my work on the website. :)


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