Well you guys.. These aren't ALL the pictures I have... But these are all the pictures that I took with my black and white roll of film. Hahaha, yeah it's a pity you can't see the beautiful orangey-pinky-goldness of my dress (or salmon coloredness...). Hahaha j/k. Anyway, EVERYONE looked beautiful that night. I'll try to get more pictures up as soon as possible. These are in thumbnails to make the page more easily loadable. But for a more printable size and stuff, just click on the thumbnail. :) Enjoy!!! (I relearned HTML to put this up! And I learned how to do tables!!!!)

Me with the other girls from my limo at Jones Beach. From left: Emily, Me, Shanthini, Mindy, Liz (with the shiny shoes! Hehehe.) Wenni and me!!!! Don't we look beautiful??? x)
Ben Kingsley and David looking oh-so-cool touching knuckles. :) Me and Adrian!
Me and Julia. Doesn't she look preeeeetty? :) Me and Steeeeeeve.
The family: Me (mommy), Jae (daddy), Jennifer (baby). haha... 184 alumnae/alumni/alumnus(???) looking beeyootiful! Me and Jae.
Me and Winnie! I'm so glad she decided to go!!! After prom at Liz's dessert place. Emily, Jared, David, Adam, Mindy, Shanthini
David, Mindy and Shanthini in the limo. Adam talking through the S splitting us from our evil, evil chauffeur. We had a very mean driver.
Daniel Paul and Liz at the dessert place. Jones beach was almost completely empty when we first got there... Except for a few, stray, random couples we successfully avoided...
Standing around at Jones Beach and waiting for the sun to rise... Posing for Calvin Klein advertisement. Hehehe...
Sun is starting to rise! (of course you can't see the color) Jared, David, Adam, Emily, Me David looking all serious while Jared and Liz dance.
Jared as the girl (with a shawl) and Liz as the boy (with a jacket)! David and the moon. He actually looks short for once!!! Okay, not really. :)
E.T. go home. Hehehe, Liz and Adam and the Jones Beach Needle. Liz and Adam...
Adam with David in his arms! Aww... :) Land Ahoy! Hahaha. Adam and Jared are pointing at the sunrise or something, I think.