<xmp><body></xmp> poetry

     willow call
     material doom
     the after
     wake up
     black dove
     sleepless ramblings
     heaven or hell part ii
     heaven or hell part i
     sea of dismay
     the grudge
     for my mother
     compared to darkness
     the jack of shadows gives in
     all alone with a knife
     reasons to be alone
     if i could
     a love betrayed
     dark love
     recovering heart
     the longest, long good-bye
     gods of mantis
     art of pain
     the break up
     thoughts & feelings
     meaningless poem
     feats of courage
     natural tones
     the third body
     her eyes
     i wanna fly
     blue is all around
     black is all around
     the observance of transgression
     open windows to the desert
     in silence
     no replace
     malice laced dreams
     tears of the skin (haiku)
     femme fatal
     somewhat melancholy
     my dear husband
     treasure by the rose bed
     the sonnet of the somme
     i made you
     but cry i cannot
     an angel she is
     the black rose
     jim jonesing
     goodbye kassie
     unique and beautiful caterpillar
     the janus gland
     beyond roses
     who i am
     indian summer night
     have you ever?
     sweet surrender
     the end
     queen nothing
     too late
     the pawn
     the one
     the gateway to hell
     stars and stripes
     standing on a thread
     laying the blame
     feel better
     caged in a rage
     broken mirror
     means of manipulation
     my friend
     my song
     lonely child
     burn of the pain
     i want
     an autumn walk to hell