Goodbye Kassie by Thal Nolan

when i got up this morning i knew. when i opened my eyes i had already seen you from miles and dogpiles far apart and away. what's more, i already knew exactly what you'd say. and still, i got up any way. a marionette, i followed the dusty gossamer threads of the web we'd spun. the same thread you clung to make me undone. someone, somwhere will watch through opera glasses, tinted with the aloof as yet another tile in that rosetta roof. walking briskly on a crowded street to the same bjork beat, we passed each other. i with my mirror image tv dinner shoulders. you with your eyes like shattered glass. like dejavu i turned around. like an Id rerun, i saw you... standing there still so pale you gave me a face so frail and spoke "I'm sorry." on those regurgitated words i did choke. it had been many moons since you "fucked up our friendship." my self-autographed wounds opened up to greet you. "Did I hurt you?" you asked. With nice guy syndrome i forced the words through grit!
ted teeth. a burial wreath: we embraced. with a timidity i embraced my former friend in a hug that spelled "The End." an unspoken formality lingered in the air and that sweet-and-sour stare of finality. with one inconclusive sigh i ask myself:

is this goodbye?