Jim Jonesing by Thal Nolan

have you ever had one of those moments in your life? where you feel the need of someone, something... and yet, you don't think that wise. i'm the rodent in the maze, basking in the blank stare of my fellow sightless pair. the scent of a reward wafts through the air, but i cannot see the hurdles i must traverse to get there. when will this shell crack? the sugar plums dance before me yet still i am not hungry. is there room for one more midnight flack? bathing in the glow of your tungsten, it forced me to grow in ways i'm not sure i'll ever know. one for the money, and two for the show. the sheep are on drugs, in line with cherub's bow. peep through the curtains and catch wind of failed potentials. seek the uncertains, as fueled by fake credentials. i have no good references. i've reconciled no differences. i'm drowning in subtraction soup and nothing is adding up. downsizing my attractions is not required, unlike the water in that cup. yesterday's blight, will be tomor!
rows plight if i don not find that light. switch me to the on. bewitch me like a fawn in headlights of your truck. give me another hit 'cause i'm jonesing. baby.