Billy by Liz

The lord giveth and the lord taketh away,
But it’s just not fair what he did that day.
He took four boys in a blaze so bright.
Each of them died with no chance to fight.
One of those boys was my very good friend.
His death something so hard to comprehend.
I could not believe that Billy was dead.
There was so much we didn’t do, so much left unsaid.
As I sit here and think of what I’ll never get to say,
My heart falls apart, why couldn’t he stay?
The tears start falling as I begin to cry.
I look up to the heavens and ask the lord why?
Why did he have to take my friend away?
Why did he have to die that day?
I think of my sister, the love of his life.
Endearing so much pain, like the stab of a knife.
I wish so hard they could be as they were.
She loved him so much, just as he loved her.
They were perfect together, two souls in one,
Loving each other and having so much fun.
We embrace each other, trying to cry away the pain.
Knowing in our hearts that life will never be the same.
Our hearts have been touched, our lives forever changed,
By a blue eyed boy named Billy, his memory remains.