Malice Laced Dreams by Angelina King

The pounding grows heavier,
Dots dance and flit,
Like the thoughts that fall past her.
What to do?
How to escape?
Tell me again
How does one cry?
Voices so silently scream,
Things only heard in the horrors of
A malice laced dream.
Oh gracious Goddess!
Time's running out;
I'll lose myself, if my mind refuses to mend,
For what is to happen,
When malicious dreams end?
To wake from allusion to a reality,
Laced with dillusions and brutality.
To tremble in deep panick,
Strong in a damaged mind,
Poison to a jaded heart.
You never know the time or place,
When vision will begin to burn.
Where to run
When your body succumbs,
To the panicked pace,
Of Sanity's chase.
When you drown into the silent scream,
Wish it were.
Know it's not.
     ....Just a malice laced dream.