Somewhat Melancholy by Atul Sundriyal

Something's happening, to me, again, but I'm not afraid,
An internal silence caves in......

Feel like a man from a long journey way back home, weary and tired, dazed by sudden revelations of that hidden truth.

Now failures, don't hurt a bit, they provide sustenance
An eternal pleasure rakes in....
Pain, agony, despair, and all I made them my friends,
They accompany me, and no more I feel lonely.

Keep my life in a ransom, for a few breaths more,
Cause, I want to enjoy this madness till my last breath.
The games been rigged, but there is no fear of loosing now,
I know being a failure in the race, I'll never find my place.

And, no more do I cry for a stranger's hand;
Cause I know I will never be anybody's sunshine.
Sunshine enlightens, to brighten the day,
Instead I breed, a realm of darkness.

There is no one to touch the battered soul,
Should I try suicide?