Means of Manipulation by Ashwin

Rest easily little one,
Because over the hilltop,
Here comes the sun,
Stay calm my dear,
And do not fear,
Because the light
Follows the dark nearly.
Let go of your spite,
And your will to fight,
In your heart you know I am right,
Come; let me guide you through the night.
Do not stray,
For I alone know the way,
So little one stay
By my side.
You are not ready to go solo,
But soon I will bestow,
Everything I know,
To help you get past the plateau,
Of greed and of hate,
And the filth and the weight,
Of all of life’s triumphs and tribulations.
Do not be presumptuous,
Or worse yet get tumultuous,
But as of now you are all but incoherent,
And to me it has become apparent,
That what caused my hesitation,
Was the trepidation,
And the realization,
That I must not grant you liberation.
It seems like such manipulation,
But I only want to protect you,
And you’ll thank me later too,
For what I’m putting you through,
And I know what is best,
Oh I do not jest,
I am the King the Government,
Your Demi-God.