Caged in a Rage by Ashwin

Searing through every pore of my skin,
The anger seeps out, despite my attempts to hold it in,
I am not an animal in a slaughterhouse,
I will not keep quiet! I am not a mouse!

Monitoring me like a common criminal,
Your intentions aren’t good, they are all subliminal,
Cameras all around, wherever I look,
Trying to entice me like a dangling hook,

I’m trapped in a hellhole,
I’m out of control,
My life just seems to be on the same page,
I’m going insane; I’m caged in a rage,

So fuck all the authorities!
Fuck their stupid rules!
To hell with conforming!
It’s only for fools!

We can’t all unite for a common goal,
Someone’s always messing it up,
Like a fucking mole,
And I’m exiled from society like a god damn troll.