Laying the Blame by Ashwin

A calm summer breeze eases my sorrow,
When everything goes wrong in the day the sun is still shining brightly,
It seems nature is trying to make me feel better,
With every warm sun beam,
Just one question…

Let me drown in my sorrow,
Get it out of my system,
No I won’t feel better tomorrow,
But get the fuck outta my face!

Cornered by society,
Ridiculed by “friends”
Fucking pissed by their materialism,
It never fucking ends!

Why don’t you get over yourself?
Learn to care for you fellow man,
Don’t fucking call me a hypocrite,
I’m doing the best I can.
What do you think you’re doing?

Sitting in your perfect little world,
Everything you could possibly want,
Your nails done, hair curled,
Your car waxed, and a lackey a day to taunt.
What kind of sick bastard are you?

You are what is wrong with the world today,
It’s all your fault,
And you know it’s true,
You are the brainwashed patriot,
Sorry bitch, it’s all on you.