Stars and Stripes by Ashwin

I look around me,
Hate is what I see,
The grimace of the “better man”
Looking down on me.

The manipulative government,
Taking advantage of us all,
No one but me sees it,
It is I who takes the fall.

Why is it when we reach for help,
We always come up with hate?
Why is it our accursed generation,
Has to end up with this fate?

They hate us so let’s hurt them!
There is no truth behind this logic,
The government has a hidden agenda covered by bureaucracy,
They tell you it’s supposed to work and call it democracy.

When they say America means freedom,
They mean, freedom for the free,
For as long as I’ve been in this country,
There have been no stars and stripes for me.

"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens." - Jimi Hendrix