An Angel She Is by Candace Chupko

An angel she is with no permanent home
her mind is rock
her heart is stone
tossed from place to place
home to home
father to mother aunt to uncle
sister to brother
like cold is to ice
like hot is to fire
she stands on the corner
waiting for a customer
selling herself short of what shes got
look at her closely
her smile has started to rot
she puts a ciggarette out on the heel of her shoe
than walks down the street wondering what to do
hardly any bucks
worn down clothes that she keeps in a trunk
so young in age, feeling like she lived her life twice
picked what she wanted
than rolled the dice
not a lucky seven this time she rolled double ones
look back again and her life is done
tight black pants, low cut shirt, spiked up heels
she smiles while she flirts
trying to get money to buy her next meal
doesn't matter how she gets it even if she steals
angel underneath, devil on skin
cut up heart, soul broken in
always hurt, always alone
an angel she is with no permanent home