The Gateway to Hell by Ashwin

An ice-cold chill crawls up my spine,
I start to reflect on the thoughts of my day,
There is something I missed,
Something I should remember

Hmm, teeth brushed,
Shower? Done,
Pajamas? On,
What have I forgotten?

It hits me like a 2 ton train,
I panic immediately,
Chaos on my brain,
AHHHHHH! School in the morning

It came so soon,
Just a moment ago we were in the middle of June,
But school in August! What an abomination!
There is nothing to match my great frustration!

No more playing ball in the drive,
No more feeling like I’m alive,
Back to the same ol’ stupid scene,
Time to become a slave to routine

Back to work, back to detention,
Back to a place so sinister it’s hard to mention,
My day now controlled by a toll of a bell,
Kiss my ass school! I’ll see you in hell!