Queen Nothing by Ashwin

Get the hell off my back,
You’ve really got a knack
For pissing the fuck out of everyone.

You’re loud, obnoxious,
Conceited, and toxic,
Just an all around bothersome bitch!

I don’t want to hear you,
Just let me stew,
In all the fury and anger in me.

You’re the cause of my hell,
The pollution in my well,
And FUCK I’m really pissed off!

I have a right to complain,
And you cannot refrain,
From constantly bossing me around!

“Not under my roof” is what I always hear,
Constantly watching me with that hideous leer,
Leave me the hell alone!

Your neatness is idiotic,
And organization psychotic,
You should seek some professional help.

And when I’m 18,
You are no longer the queen,
Of my domain, and my work and my life.