Who I Am by Monnie

That’s who I am.
That one feminine chromosome wondering around,
Being prepared to be found.
Strong and intellectual, with a soft body like silk.
Pure and essential like my mother’s milk.
That’s who I am.
More dynamic then normal human beings.
I am a walking witness of GODS’s seeings.
Defined as a minority but I stand as a queen.
Wanting more in this disastrous world wondering what it will bring.
Preaching to the brown shades on the color wheel,
Letting them know to stay strong.
That’s who I am.
The one always trying to move up, but somehow,
I always get stuck.
Forget the nonsense, I’m moving to the top.
Infinite destruction is headed my way,
The power of my words will make it go astray.
Strong, black and beautiful is how they personify me.
Still living till this day unbelievably free.