Beyond Roses by Alyssa O'neill

A taste of tears from a timeless sorrow.
Sadness, enters the soul.
Beneath the weeping willow tree, in the forgotten rose garden.
White roses layed carefully upon the grave.
Upon the stone, with silver wings.
A fallen angel, misplaced, has just died.
Miles from this place we call our world, a fallen angel,
misplaced, has just died.
In a place too small for secrets.
In a place too small, long lost.
Beneath the light and beyond the shadows.
Among the ancient stone statues, of the hidden cemetery garden.
Lost, fallen angels, buried here.
The angels walk free in a forever endless night.
With or without control.
The roses will not listen, to angel stories told.
Whispered wings, blowing in the bitter cold.
With cats eyes in the dark.
Always, but never alone.