Moonshine by Thal Nolan

When i looked up into the sky and something caught my eye, i remember how it's been a while... since i last saw that chesire cat smile. sparkling stars and the moon i see give rise to tides of lunacy. took one glance at that bright white crescent. once again i start that black desscent. the light it gives you can't quite grab. like memories of what i almost had. here i stand a fiddling nero; another romantic anti-hero. the heroine of my film noir. heroin is what you are. i could almost feel you in my vein: almost being the source of the pain. oblivion like ambrosia in my ears, we sought to wrestle with our fears. fears of what would come tomorrow. fears of all that saline sorrow. now across the room we take a chance. across our ocean we catch a glance. a starcrossed eye of longing, an emotion not quite belonging. deep within i hope and pray we'll meet again somehow- someway. stung again by eyes of brine, and yet again a taste of moonshine.