Material Doom by Kaleolani

Living in this land of ultra fashion,
where lust and greed rule the passion,
to seal the strain of material things
so perfect it seems,
in this world of doom.

Our minds get high
to this electric jungle,
our souls get lost
and we forget the heart,
so we pay the man
with outstretched hands
with our lives and mind,
buried in this tomb.

Just to walk this land
with our chin air high,
dominate everything
until we die,
and we tear the flesh
we're just a broken guest
of this planet test,
laying in a womb.

I want to be,
the final new sin,
these feelings I hide,
come from deep within
and there's things it seems
that I just can't see
and maybe that's why-
I scream.

I want to have a cube
in the glamour room,
just another sin,
will I see you there too?