The After by Kaleolani

Sorrow fills these empty eyes
emotion is dark and burning,
I can hear the voiceless cries
and see the fullmoons warning,
fire burns within my soul
because madmen have no savior,
only to live with insanity
and dreams of strange behavior.

I live in the dark
there is no light that shines,
my soul's lost with no wisdom,
I cannot be saved
so forget me now,
I bathe in my own communion,
no freedom from this wicked life
my torture must be set free,
creatures block the path to light,
in darkness I was concieved.

Backward thoughts give no therapy
they inject me with the needles,
to shock my curse, electricity,
my misery feeds on people,
my braindeath enters open thighs
I sieze always to this porno,
leave me alone
you must be wise,
or come with me to this inferno.

I'm living in this hell I've made
will I make it to the rapture
and if I die before this day,
you see it just won't matter.

Now can you see
my life is stained,
so lost to necronomicon laughter,
I baptise myself with this pain-

and I'm waiting for the after.