Sleepless Ramblings by Krystle

im wanting to forever silence the inner scream
please wake me before i die
in this horible fucking dream.

this painful feeling overcoming me, pouring out tears blinded to see strongest
feeling ive ever had to leave, ready to die serious pain so upset i dry heave
dying state with no shoulder to cry on i now must leave.

the softest pain i hear inside your voice sorry i shall die now, leaving you
alone tried to make it not a choice.

my head in the noose the knot dose slip i say my final goodbyes im gone this is it.

drinking every chance i get sorry i wish this to be it but forever deeper
through my vein i slit.

wishing you would put me in my place tell me to shut the fuck up spit in my
disgusting face, when i die promise me you will forget my life you will replace
sorry its you i long to taste please wipe your memory of me, with death my
heart has been replaced.

wishing i didnt lie about talking to you before i die these blood filled tears
blur my vision i make one last attempt to cry