Heaven Or Hell Part II byJasmine Nardi

This is what I feel,
This is what I know,
This is where I am going,
This is what I am doing,
This is what I’ve been told,

I feel that I am in Hell with no one but myself,
As Satan sits there and stares with nothing to do,
As I sit there and glare back tells me that he has chosen,
The right place for me and God hasn’t chosen,
He tells where I go and that is exactly what he did,
Now that I sit here in Hell and not know what Heaven is,
I sit and gaze upon the darkness and wonder,
If Heaven is really good and if Hell is really bad.

Down in the Darkness of Hell and still wonder,
Did Satan tell me where I truly belong,
Was he right or was he wrong now this is where I need,
You to really help me out,
This is the Dark side of me and what I really am,
Now I have been told to where I really belong,
I belong in Hell with Satan and not God.