Reasons to Be Alone by Christopher

I discovered at a young age how to be a magician
Changing shape and shifting from innocent to aberration
realized everything meant nothing and went to that dark place
filled the void with passive violence and assumed a stark face

a sharp implement transformed me into the embodiment of fierce determination
watched muscle and tissue separate with complete and utter fascination
made myself enraptured in marks that even magic can't erase
let myself deteriorate from being precious to becoming a scapegrace

I fell in love with power and temporary physical sensation
Derived from the sick practice of torture and self-mutilation
I have to know how deep inside of me is the loving hook
That's why I hide my arms and have a haunted look

that's why I stay alone and drive everyone away
that's why I will be found two days late amid rancid decay

I was born into a prophesy that I must fulfill
get me alone in a room with a gun, and I will