Unique and Beautiful Catterpillar by Thal Nolan

I must quit the moping as my mind is ever sloping. The hard place and the rock is to remember what I’ve got. With crippled hand I seek to raise myself from torpor. I clench the knife of reason to hack off the bits that I abhor and release the limbs that reek. Lest I drown in that ocean of tears and broken mirrors, I must hatch from what I have become. I must risk lunacy and the years. I must exhale and excise my fears, like so many tumors that grow unchecked. A mere pawn; yet I happen upon a mate in the season thereof. Time now to shed my wooden casing like discolored leaves, old grief, disbelieving that I will turn into a moth but a dragonfly so high in the sky. Incandescent things, those rippling wings, propel me, expel me from the husk of what use to be-coming something more than I or just another guy. I’ll stand not quite alone gunman holding up mountains by the ton. The sand in my eyes brings visions of all from which I’ll run.