I Made You by Spazz

You dubbed me as special, one of a kind,
And instantly to my evil ways you were blind.
I sach`ed in and played my little game,
Took your heart and poisoned it; I'm all there is to blame.
I made you want me.
Sexy, playful,says every right thing,
I promissed anything this petite bisexual could bring.
I comforted you when you were down,
When I got you up, we were on the town.
I made you love me.
Things were great,"Let's talk of kids", you said,
That's when this little demon began to turn her head.
I would have nothing of this close commitment shit,
Yeah we had fun, so what? Nobody's worth it.
I made you yearn for me.
You tried and tried to get me back,
I'd play with your heart, making you think your chances were good.
But really, I had no intentions of taking you back,
What do you want me to say? I was in that kind of mood.
I made you hurt inside.
At might you'd lay and wonder why,
why you fell in love with this she devil.
I never meant to make you obsessed,
But I did intend to make you cry.
I made you furious inside.
We met again and then you did see,
the only thing that made you love me, there's nothing truly
special about me, but I made it seem that way.
Before you could see the truth, I ran away, saving you a worse fate.
I made you who you are today.