In an effort to recognize submitting poets' talent, Black Rose offers a monthly contest open to all interested.

There are few concrete requirements set upon submissions:

   Poem(s) must be original work
   No more than five entries per poet
   Spelling and grammar must be in check; no submissions riddled with glaring homonym confusion or internet shorthand will be seriously considered

Black Rose's owner exercises sole judging rights. The poem which will be chosen is that which she feels most accurately demonstrates the abilities of the poet base. As this is the case, winning the contest could certainly be conceived as a trivial honor; alas, it is merely receiving a small award from an obscure poetry forum. Poets should not enter this contest expecting anything grand in reward. A place in the winner's hall of fame and a commemorative graphic are, in fact, the only offerings.

Should you still be interested in submitting your work, we welcome you to do so via our contest submission form.

[past winners]