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1. What are the purpose of praise banners?
2. Where can I find Worship-dance and Worship-warfare in the Holy Scriptures?
3. Where can I find color symbolism in the Holy Scriptures?
4. How can I preserve my praise banners?
5. How do I order your product?
6. Are there group specials and is my satisfaction guaranteed?
7. Who is 'Banners of Praise' Inc.?
Purpose of Banners to top

Banners are used in Worship-Warfare to exhalt the name of the Lord Jesus before heaven and earth; all principalities, powers of darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places manifesting over territories and regions in our nation and world. Banner worship was used in the old and new testament to make declarations for God's armies , the soldiers of the Lord. We may use banners or even flags to either mark the spiritual territory, raise the standard, or rally the troops in spiritual unity. Banners are also used for Worship-Dance, an expression of both the fullness of joy as overcomers/conquerers and the intimacy of Christ's bride. The effectiveness of this style worship is determined by the obedience and love those leading the way. The guidance of the Holy Spirit is key along with the yielding of true worshiper through love and sincerity in heart-the truth and evidence of the Lord's life and peace. When used, banners are typically held in both hands. Note: Strong's Condordance Numbers listed with Hebrew and Greek references below.

Worship-Dance to top

Judges 11:34 - Jeptah's daugher (MECHOWLAH, 4246, a dance or company of dancers)

Judges 21:21-23 - Ladies dancing in the vineyard (CHIYL, 2342, to twist/whirl in a circular manner

Matthew 11:17 - Children playing games

Luke 15:25 - Return of the Prodigal Son

1 Samuel 18:6-7 - Celebrating victory

Psalms 30:11 - (MACHOWL, 4234, to round dance)

Ecclesiastes 3:4 - (RAQAD, 7540, to stamp, spring about, dance, jump, leap, skip)

Jeremiah 31:4,13 - Instructed dancing (and joy) when Israel is restored (MACHOWL, 4234, to round dance)

Exodus 15:20-21 - Miriam led dancing, singing, and praise (MECHOWLAH, 4246, a dance or company of dancers)

2 Samuel 6:14 - David danced before the ark (presence) of the Lord (KARAR, 3769, to dance or whirl)

2 Samuel 6:16 - (PAZAZ, 6339, to spring or leap)

1 Chronicles 15:29 - (RAQAD, 7540, to stamp, spring about, dance, jump, leap, skip)

1 Chronicles 16:31

Psalms 150:4 - Instructed to praise God with dancing

Jeremiah 51:21

Isaiah 35:6 - (DALAG, 1801, to leap or spring)

Song of Solomon 2:8 - (DALAG, 1801, to leap or spring)

Psalms 42:4 - (CHAGAG, 2287, to move in a circle, march in a sacred procession, celebrate a festival, dance)

Zechariah 14:18 - (CHAGAG, 2287, to move in a circle, march in a sacred procession, celebrate a festival, dance)

1 Kings 18:26 - (PACACH, 6452, to hop, skip over, to dance)

Psalms 9:14 - (GIYL/GUWL, 1523, to spin round under the influence of emotion)

Proverbs 28:12 - (ALATS, 5970, to jump for joy, rejoice, triumph)

Matthew 11:17 - (ORCHEOMAI, 3738, to dance)

Luke 15:25 - (CHOROS, 5525, a round dance)

Matthew 5:12 - (AGALLIAO, 21, jump for joy, rejoice greatly)

Revelation 19:7 - (AGALLIAO, 21, jump for joy, rejoice greatly)

Luke 1:41 - (SKIRTAO, 4640, jump for joy)

Luke 6:23 - (SKIRTAO, 4640, jump for joy)

Worship-Warfare to top

Tribal/Family Banners

Numbers 2:2

Numbers 10:10-14

Lord's miracles

Deuteronomy 11:1-3

Salvation-a token

Joshua 2:12

Rallying Point

Isaiah 5:26

Isaiah 11:10


Jeremiah 50:2

Jeremiah 4:6

Jeremiah 51:12

Scriptual Symbolism in Colors to top

Red - Cleansing,Blood of Jesus,Atonement (Joshua 2:18, Leviticus 14:52,1 John 1:7)

Blue - High and Lofty One (Exodus 24:10, Psalms 119:105)

Green - New Life, Fruitful Land (Exodus 27:20, Psalms 92:14)

Purple - Royalty (John 19:2, Judges 8:26)

White - Holiness, Purity (Daniel 7:9, Revelation 19:7.8)

Silver - Wisdom, Redemption (Proverbs 2:1-5)

Gold - Glory (Exodus 37:6)

Banner Preservation to top

Place banners on fabric hangers away from extreme temperatures.

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