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Pics - 2
Well, I told you it would be good! Check out our favorite artists latest....
I asked him if this was the last of his creations, or if the Soul Rangers would once again fight back. I am awaiting his Emailed reply.


Practice your, “ Yes my Gatekeeper!” because the all mighty one
is back for yet another. “ Welcome me back kids, welcome me back
to the game!!!” The Gatekeeper has returned with a new game. No more
harbingers, no more fate or chance cards! Just you and the
Gatekeeper. Beginning the game with Havoc is the least of your problems
as the one and only Gatekeeper keeps you on your toes
with mini games just like the original, only harder.
Handing out no mercy by banishing the other players for
your stupidity, The Gatekeeper’s new game includes a new game tape,
board, new Time cards, new pieces, and a new objective.
No more collecting keys, now you’re trying to piece together
your worst fear to win. All this happens in the middle of
The Gatekeepers antics. “You’re banished to the black hole,
and for every turn you miss until you’re released,
that is the number of turns you miss after you are!”
Don’t land on a square marked X, that means 10, and 10 is his game!
Think you escape The Gatekeeper’s doom after 60 minutes?
Think again! The Gatekeeper is going to make sure you lose
so he has extended his game another hour. How you ask?
“ Because I can, because I’m the Gatekeeper.
And this is my game, by my rules!!!”
With a new strategy, and 2 full hours of The
Gatekeeper this is sure to be one HELL of a ride.
“Don’t toy with me you scum sucking maggot!
Pick 2 people who will join you in the black hole!”
“This is the beginning of my game! And your nightmare!!!!”
Two Hours would be cool Chase...So, is this the end???
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ATMOSPHERE II: The Provinces
All hell has broken loose on the other side, and the 6 provinces have
now been merged into one. In a massive and violent explosion
the 6 original harbingers are thrown off their feet. Bea Anne Sidhe,
and Readovear are destroyed, and the Gatekeeper becomes trapped within
his own gates of darkness. Without the Gatekeeper to maintain
control of the harbingers, they’re now free to cause trouble wherever
they can. In this 1 hour free for all, hosted by all six harbingers
you must collect the silver keystones, and return the provinces to
their original state. Appearing randomly on the screen, the harbingers
fork out their mischief while you, the soul rangers, must return
everything to normal. Watch what you say when they appear,
you don’t want to answer, “Forever my lady.” If it’s the Baron wanting
you to thrill him. For the first time in Nightmare-Atmosphere
history all six harbingers are on one tape, hosting one game.
With a newly designed board, book of rules and new decks of Time,
Fate, Black Rose and Spell cards this is sure to be one of the
scariest adventures to date. Beat the harbingers before 60 minutes
to win and release the Gatekeeper, but remember you are playing
for him too. “Don’t do me any favors you maggot!”
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