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Does Lincoln Have Any Living Descendants?

Of Lincoln's four sons, only Robert lived to maturity, so any descendants would have to trace their lineage back to him. In 1868 Robert married Mary Harlan and they had three children: Jessie, Abraham (known as Jack), and Mary.

Abraham died at the age of 17, before marrying. Mary married Charles B. Isham and bore him one son, Lincoln Isham, who married Leahalma Correa. That marriage was childless, leaving it up to Jessie to continue the Lincoln family line. She eloped to marry Warren W. Beckwith, with whom she had two children, Mary Lincoln Beckwith and Robert Lincoln Beckwith, before divorcing in 1907.

In 1915 Jessie remarried, to explorer Frank E. Johnson. That marriage, childless, also resulted in divorce in 1925. Undaunted, Jessie then married for a third time, this time to Robert J. Randolph, in 1926. That marriage produced no offspring.

Mary Lincoln Beckwith, great-granddaughter of President Lincoln, never married. Her brother, Robert Lincoln Beckwith, married twice, to Hazel Holland Wilson and Annemarie Hoffman. He never had any children, and when he died in 1985 the Lincoln line ended. There are no direct living descendants of Abraham Lincoln.

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