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My Silent Tears

My Silent Tears

Silent Tears

"Our Memories"

"In memory of the greatest man I ever knew and loved "MY DAD". I know that all dads are not the greatest in the world. So I guess you can say I was one of the lucky ones who struck gold with my dad. Here was a man who was very most of all very very loving to us.I guess u can say I was daddy's little girl, cause what ever I needed my dad tried to give it to me. He would take me on his knee and tell me them great stories,when I had them nightmares I would climb into bed with him and my mom and he would make make them go away.No matter how old I was my dad was always there for me, making sure his little (blackie) that was his nick name he gave me....would be safe. He was more than a dad to me he was like a mom as well, I can remember many times he would let my mom sleep in the mornings while he got his kids up and made them their breakfast and got them off to school,oh he was a great cook. He always had a smile on his face and always lent a hand out to anyone who needed one.I can go on and on about my dad cause I have so many great memories about him but I won't.I would like to say thanks to my dad for giving me the years of happiness I shared with him and what he has taught me the most in life was to kind..understanding....honest...but most of all loving.My dad had a heart of gold, he may be gone but he will not be forgotton and will always live on in my heart...He is my ANGEL now....and I know he is watching over me....

Love Blackie xoxoxo

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