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Recommend : The Symptom of Love By Wong XX ( Chinese ) Lyric
Song1: All my life by KC & JoJo ( English ) Lyric
Song2: I knew i love you before i met you by Savage Garden ( English ) Lyric
Song3: Only Love by Trademark ( English ) Lyric
Song4: Sudden by Karen Mok ( Chinese )  Lyric
Song5: Make a wish by Leo and GiGi ( Chinese ) Lyric
Song6: Cannot be Cruel To You By Wong XX ( Chinese )
Song7: Love You Very Much By Lau XX ( Chinese ) Lyric
Song8: Love is so heavy By Mao XX ( Chinese ) Lyric
Song9: Sorrow Ending By Cheung Yui ( Chinese ) Lyric
Song10: Like A Dream By A Lam ( Cantonese )
Song11: Hard to love a person By William So ( Chinese )   Lyric
Song12: The Hardest Thing By 98 Degree ( English )    Lyric
Song13: Father and Song By Boyzone ( English )  Lyric
Song14: Back At One By Brian Mcknight ( English )
Song15: Careless Whisper By George Michael ( English )
Song16: A different Me By Cecilia Cheung ( Cantonese )
Song17: Wanna love u By Chow Wei ( Chinese )
Song18: If you get there before i do By Colin Raye ( English )
Song19: Date at MTR By Danny Chan ( Cantonese Old Song )
Song19: King of K Songs By Eason Chan ( Cantonese )
Song20: Nothing is gonna change my love for you By Glenn Mederios ( English )
Song21: Heart Move By Shino Lam ( Chinese )  Lyric
Song22: Bubble Gum By GiGi Leung ( Chinese )  Lyric
Song23: Keep tough to stay Survive By Chiu X ( Chinese )  Lyric
Song24: Happy Flowers Songs ^&^ By A and B and C ( Chinese )
Song25: No Matter What By Boyzone ( English )
Song26: If you knew my reason By Vivian Chow ( Cantonese )
Guys' favorite:  Song27: Women shouldn't let men feeling too tired By Siu Chung( Chinese )  Lyric
Song28: Love is simple By David Tao ( Chinese )  Lyric
Song29: Don't go if you love me By Cheung XX ( Chinese )  Lyric
For Hilda: Song30: One person By Eason Chan ( Cantonese ) 
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