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                                                    Song21: She By ?? ( Love MaMa Song ) 

                                                   Song22: My Everything By 98 Degree ( Easy Listening ) 

                                                   Song23:  Making Love of Nothing At All By Air Supply ( Favorite Love Song ) 

                                                   Song24: A Song of MaMa By Boy II Men ( Easy Listening ) 

                                                  Song25: I will make love with you By Boy II Men ( Easy Listening ) 

                                                  Song26: The Boy is Mine By Brandy and Monica ( Pop )

                                                  Song27: For the Everything I do, I do it for you  ( Love Song ) 

                                                  Song28: Never There By Cake  ( Pop Rock ) 

                                                  Song29:  Disney Theme Song-"Pochahonta" Color of the Wind ( Easy Listening ) 

                                                  Song30: Disney Theme Song "Prince of Egypt" When You Believe( Easy Listening ) 

                                                  Song31: Doesn't Really Matter ( Pop Rock ) 

                                                  Song32: Have You Ever By Brandy ( Easy Listening ) 

                                                  Song33: I'll be your Greatest Fan of Life By Edwin McCain ( Love song ) 

                                                   Song34: The Secret of Life By Faith Hill ??( Pop Rock )

                                                 Song35: Don't wanna lose you ( Pop Rock ) 

                                                   Song36: Crush By Jennifer ( Pop Rock ) 

                                                  Song37: How am i supposed to live without u ( Favorite Love Song )                      

                                                  Song38: Angel of Mine By Monica ( Pop )  

                                                  Song39: I belive in You By Nsync ( Easy Listening ) 

                                                    Song40: If I were You By Collin Raye ( Easy Listening )